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Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012


The first gallery that we went to in Paris was the Rodin Museum. When we walked into the gardens, I cried. This was the moment I knew we were really here, in Paris, experiencing art that I had only read about. And this museum was truly special. I was captivated not only by the sculptures but also by their placement, each piece becoming a moment of theatre, a dance, a statement. I will never forget this experience.

By the way, the best advice we received was to buy the Paris Museum Pass. It's not just about adding up the sum of the admission fees. It's also the incredible time you save with bypassing the line (so worth it just for that - especially at the Louvre!) Add to that the increased chance that you'll pop into a museum you might have otherwise ski;;ed (we did that) and access to decent washrooms (yes, I think about these things) - it's well worth it!


A regular scene at Shannon's computer: film listings and lists :)


I have been getting very frustrated with crafting and should I do Etsy and am I ever going to make money... Blah blah blah. Then made a smooshed watermelon yesterday. Just feel like giving up on being crafty which makes me sad. Yet it's "sticky" for me. Maybe I should just do this fun and let go of trying to sell stuff on Etsy? Trying to sell is all about fear of poverty for me. Maybe letting go of Etsy would be the most fearless thing I could do? So complicated!


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Wow, the Rodin museum! It's so gorgeous Jamie, what an amazing experience that must have been!

Suzie, I like your smooshed Watermelons! I totally knew what they were :) But I hear you on the money thing, and it's really hard to create when you are in an energy of fear especially around money. Have you asked your readers what they would be interested in buying? You could do I 1-question survey monkey survey to readers & subscribers to help determine what would be a good direction, or to find out if they are/aren't your customers.

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Jamie, I would have cried too! Stunning and you can see the art living there. Almost breathing.

It's funny, we did that at DisneyWorld to buypass lines and it was the best. Good point about the washrooms! I would have felt the same way.

Shannon, there you are with your lists! Just the way you like it, I love it.

Oh I am so glad you could tell that it was supposed to be a watermelon Shannon, that helps. I did ask about the t-shirts and most commenters said spooky food but most votes that came in without comments said pretty. But there seems to be no interest in the jewellery. I am really considering just pulling the plug and wearing my own bling because I love it. I don't want someone to just buy it. I want it to be a big deal to get one. Maybe I am my own market? It is still cheaper than buying it myself!

Thanks Shannon, that really helped. It's been a sensitive week.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I love that glimpse into your daily life. Lists and research and information abounds! You totally rock that out.

And Suzie, I know I've already written you an email about this but I think it's a brilliant idea to take the financial pressure off of your creative crafting. Enjoy creating, learning, wearing and let the rest go. Trust and take care of your energy. It's so important.

And wow, I had no idea you could bypass the lines at Disneyworld!