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Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012


I love being a part of Shannon's Movie Moxie Book-to-Film Club. This weekend we went to our first film of the year, The Lady in Black. I enjoyed the movie but feel the book is much stronger, more powerful in its restraint and choices. I love the thought and conversation that's inspired by reading the book and then watching the film. Thank you, Shannon!


Weekend Watching: Book to Film Club Film The Woman in Black, some X-Files rewatching including my fave episode Ice and The Marine. And for some reason the picture is oddly rotate, but I've spent enough time trying to get it centred... and so ... it will just be wrong. I don't really have the time to fix it anymore, so... too bad!


Made homemade Nutella-stuffed waffled French toast for brunch yesterday. Then watched Red Riding Hood thanks to Shannon! I loved it Shannon, perfect birthday gift. :)


Suzie Ridler said...

I envy you doing the book-to-film club and it's so cool you can do it together!

Shannon, did Woman in Black live up to the hype? Did you like it?

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Waffled French Toast!!! Talk about envy. Wow, that looks amazing. I can't believe you made Nutella from scratch! I'm going to have to go read your post about it.

I wish you could join us for the Book to Film Club adventure, Suzie. It's really been quite interesting. I've definitely read and seen things I might not have otherwise.

Shannon said...

YAY for Book to Film Club! I have to say had some lightbulb moments about it recently and will probably have tI love that o write about it!

Suzie I really think you'll like The Woman in Black, very creepy and totally paranormal!

Those waffles look divine! Nom nom nom!