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Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012


When I bought my laptop I invested in a large one, figuring I'd primarily be moving it throughout the house. Now that I've been co-working over at my friend Tanya's house, I've been in need of a case and haven't found anything that both fit and I liked - so I made my own! This is the first time I've just made up my own crochet pattern. It's super basic but I'm so pleased with the results!



My prep notes for chatting Hexed with Suzie! I actually don't usually print them out but often favour complete long hand on top of taking notes while watching the shows, but I did them a bit different this week. I usually write up a little synopsis + some insights & questions, all on 1 piece o paper! Quick references for the win! Except when I can't read my own handwriting.. which happens... for maybe about 1 show a week, lol! Good thing Suzie's got my back :)



Have not been feeling very well and have also been running out of food so I took inspiration from both of you and made that split green pea soup but foodie-fide it a bit with stuff I had on-hand. Reg said it was better than Habitant! Which is exactly what I have been trying to accomplish so thank you both for the inspiration.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, you are so organized! I love little glimpses into your systems and your ways. And I recognize both the notebook and the list pad; I use the same ones!

Suzie, I'm so glad the soup turned out well. Of course you foodie-fide it! That's your way :) Next time I might actually make it without the liquid smoke or maybe with less. A really healthy, yummmy soup! I hope it helps you feel better - and Reg too!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that laptop case is beautiful and looks far from simple to me! Love the colours. You are so talented!

Wow Shannon, to see all that goes into our podcast on your part like that, man, you do so much work. I mean I knew it but now I see it. You are amazing! I feel so lazy just showing up like I do.

Thanks Jamie! Yup, I had to do it my way. No liquid smoke for us either, Reg hates it. I'll be writing about it next week and yes, super healthy. I am so glad I finally made one of these soups Reg likes! Gives me hope...

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Ohhh, Jamie I love your laptop cover! It's gorgeous and looks like it will keep you computer all nice and snuggly!

Suzie your soup looks absolutely yummy nummy!!! I love hearty soups in the winter - lovely!