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Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012


Friday night hanging out with Shannon, eating Chinese food and enjoying my fortune.


I finished Extras by Scott Westerfeld today, it's the fourth and final book in the Uglies series - a very interesting post-apocalyptic set YA series that I've actually been working though for quite a while and it was wild to finally get all the way through! I really enjoyed it.
One of my carry-over book goals from last year was to *finish* many of the series I was in the middle of, so this is one more down (oodles to go...)!

And of course I had to add the cat in the picture...because I hadn't done that yet!

Under Our Willow Tree

Reg had the day off yesterday and dropped me off at the Dollarstore while he went to get a haircut. We have walkie talkies so after I stocked up on crafting supplies and browsed, I got a transmission from him telling me he was done and in the parking lot so I went in line to pay. Life without cell phones!

I finally gave in and bought some air hardening clay. I am done trying to make my own clay! So many disasters, I finally came to my senses and started using the clay I worked with at the very beginning of my pendant-making odyssey in BC. Totally worth $1.50.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Lol, I love seeing Gobo poke his head round the book! Yay, Mr. Man!

Wow, look at all that colour in the dollar store, Suzie. I just love that you two have walkie-talkies. That's the best!

Suzie Ridler said...

That fortune cookie couldn't be more true Jamie! You honestly have a huge impact on all those around you and so much positive influence on our family. :)

Shannon, I adore that photo! Mr. Man is looking like, hey dude, not another book? What about me?! Cats and books = the good life.

Jamie, it's the only way to go shopping with Reg. That way we can do our own thing and meet up which helps me not rush and him not stress. Plus, it's so damn cool!!!! I love walkie talkies!!!