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Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5, 2015


Another sick day. I was getting restless so I spent most of the day gently art journaling while I continued to rest. I get so restless when I can't get stuff done!


I've been rewatching S1 of Bitten and I am so looking forward to S2 that I prebought it on iTunes. A steal at $15. I can't wait for the first episode, hopefully it will go up on the weekend. Watching without commercials is soooo much better for intense shows, or any shows for that matter!


Wednesday was a very busy day and the highlight was definitely talking to Shannon. :) I am feeling a bit conflicted about having my weekly Skype night with my sleep specialist on the night Reg is at school because it is a new thing (which I discovered makes me uncomfortable even if it's a good thing) and because I usually do video editing on that night. I managed to do both and feel good about it all. Yay!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Suzie, I don't know what happened to your picture!

I'm so glad you and Shannon got to connect and that you were able to get things done and feel good. That's so interesting you can Skype with your sleep specialist. Can you move it to another night?

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, did you do all that art in one day??? I have to learn how to do the text arty stuff you do, it's gorgeous! And yay for healing with art. :)

Woah, so weird! OK, I put the HTML back in, hopefully it's working now.

Yes, I can move the Skype call to another night but with Reg home I can get all caught up in stuff so this way I might not forget. Forgetting is a big part of what's stressing me out. Or falling asleep and missing the call.

Shannon said...

Ah, restlessness. That is a challenging one! Hopefully art journalling took off the edge, and it looks like it was fun to do!

I'm so glad we got to chat Suzie! And that you also got to chat with your sleep specialist, that is so cool you can do that via skype. And hopefully the new-uncomfortable feeling will subside soon as adjust to new pattern. And YAY for video editing, I'm looking forward to checking the latest one out.

Late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yes, Suzie, I was totally immersed in art. You know, all I've been doing for the text stuff is dedicating a journal to it and literally writing down things I hear that catch my ear, especially when watching TV. Then I started colouring it in. This was fun. I just crated a few boxes with watercolours and then wrote words in it from an inspiring email I received. I loved doing it. And thank you for saying it looks great!

Shannon, I'm glad you sorted out your viewing challenges on iTunes, especially when you have a show you're looking forward to!

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, that's awesome! So do you get to see all the episodes of Bitten at once or ahead of time? Great deal and love that show.

Shannon said...

Oh no, the episodes aren't available ahead of time. Usually they are available to download in the middle of the night after they aired.

That's for new shows, if you buy a older season you can download and watch all of them. But current shows are aligned with the airings on TV.