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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015


Wow, it is still really cold but I am so appreciating the blue skies and sunshine! Yesterday I kept getting distracted though thinking something was going by my window - it was! The smoke from our chimney! Here's to staying toasty.


Although I couldn't make it to Art Day this week, I still continued to work on some of my projects from earlier in the month. I was very hesitant to add to them from the collage stage, but I ended up not only enjoying working on them but also the end result. I'm glad I dove in!


I have been really struggling with the whole jewellery-making thing like I'm fighting a fever but I backed away from clay which was a trigger and got back to the wire wrapping class. I decided I didn't have to do all the exercises, that I could just watch and not stress. But when I saw her use a drill to make a chain, I had to try it! I got out my Dremel and voila! It was too tight but I didn't care. I found that very exciting.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Look at all this creativity!

Shannon, I loved seeing your collaged and drawn-on art pieces. I love how it looks like you picked as hirt for this girl - and the dots are awesome.

Power tools ftw, Suzie! I think going at your own pace in your own way is key, especially when you're working through what this all means to you on a personal level too!

Suzie Ridler said...

Dang that looks cold Jamie! But at least it's sunny, that makes a big difference.

Shannon, your conceptual art like this amazes me. Truly impressive and wild, I LOVE it.

Thanks Jamie. Yes, it's digging up some stuff for me but I am excited to be working with power tools. Especially when it makes things so much better and easier. Made that chain in seconds!

Shannon said...

Wow that is a gorgeous picture Jamie, truly a clear sky and bright blue day! At least that is something awesome, now if it just wasn't so cold! At least it's nice inside :) Very thankful for that.

So... I hope you aren't using those scary looking tools while you have a fever Suzie! In all seriousness, I'm sorry to hear that the clay was a trigger, but happy that you are finding your way not only not feeling like you have to do everything in the videos but also to concentrate on non-triggery things!

I'm so glad that you both like the art! It took a bit to get to it, and then to get it. Then it started to become fun :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Shannon and no, no power tools when I'm sick! Promise. LOL. Yeah, it's been a bit rough but I hope I've found some balance.

So glad to hear that the art became fun Shannon because it's gorgeous! And, of course, we want you to have fun.