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Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26, 2015


I thought that I hadn't taken a picture yesterday at all, which was so surprising because I co-worked at Tanya's and got out to choir! But the one picture I did take was this moment I captured with my hummingbird key chain. I felt this big delight when this moment caught my eye.


Another day of not taking many pictures, but I have this delightfully goofy one. I filmed an unboxing vid, and I'm not even sure I will post it. Second time this week I've recorded something but unsure if I'll post. I know I'm looking at Rest as a theme this month, but I've only actually done 1 vlog. That's making my brain boggle.


I hope Alma is OK with me posting this. These are the first "draft" of earrings I have made for her. She wanted turquoise, silver and a coffee theme so I have coffee-ish colours in the beads. I decided to make them three-tier too and can add "sugar" or "coffee beans" to the spoons. I thought mixing metals also gave it a boho feeling which I hope she likes.

This is sort of how I am feeling like jewellery is poetry. These earrings represent music and magic at a coffee house to me.


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh! I want to know what's in there!!! But so sorry to hear about your vlogging woes Shannon. Great selfie of you!!!

Shannon said...

What an awesome moment to capture Jamie, I love it - it feels so magical. Odd how we all seem to be not taking as many pictures, I wonder what that's about!

Are you doing commissioned jewelry Suzie? I love the earrings, they feel very down to earth but also lively. Love the spoons, definitely get the coffee vibe :)

And ugh, sorry I can't share the vlog! I couldn't believe that the edits wouldn't save on YouTube. So frustrating! I really feel like something is pushing me to take a vlogging break (or continue an inadvertant break). BUT I have like 4 I want to do in the next few days. What to do... :(

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I love the big smile in your photo! Clearly there's some goodness being unboxed there. That's so frustrating about the vlogs but you might be right about the message.Harumph!

Suzie, wow, these earrings are awesome! I loved the feel of them immediately. They really do say "boho" - music and magic at the coffee house, yes!!

I think the less pictures is at least in part because of the really cold weather. I find myself tucked into one spot more often than usual. Though I was delighted to simply turn my head and see the hummingbird moment!

Suzie Ridler said...

Love the hummingbird photo!!! It does feel magical Shannon.

Thanks you and yes, Alma asked me to make her earrings and I added the coffee bean and sugar cube so they're done now. Glad it has that coffee house boho vibe, LOL.

Well Shannon, February is almost over. Do you think you could rest until March? Maybe that bag cycle will stop.

I feel like I haven't been doing much lately so not much to take photos of. I've been working so hard just to stay awake but my brain hasn't been focused.