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Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015


Another night out at choir. My friend wasn't able to go and it was absolutely freezing but I braved it and had a great time singing You're So Vain! I did learn though that it's much easier to sing, especially doing harmonies, when you are much closer up!


I made it out to the movies! Marina & I have been talking about the film Fifty Shades of Grey quite extensively over the past few months, especially as it's roots are in Twilight fan fiction. I was impressed at how faithful an adaptation it is, although that does mean the inclusion of some of the big issues I had with the book. But the chemistry was good, and the characters felt true but fuller which was a nice surprize.


I had a foodie adventure day with a new friend! I started at this burger joint but didn't eat there. We ended up at several cafes and adventured through the neighbourhood. Although but the last croissant (we shared three pastries!) the uphill walk back to her bike was kind of painful, LOL. It was quite hysterical actually. It worked out great. All buses arrived when they should and getting there and home was a snap. I am very tired though and just had a salad for dinner. Stuffed!!!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, how exciting to go on a foodie adventure - and with a new friend. Totally cool. All that and pastries too - yum!

Shannon said...

Way to go for going out to sing on your own and on a really cold day Jamie, I am so impressed. I think that's a really fun choice for a song, and hopefully next time you can be closer up to the front!

Wow, that is so cool you had a foodie adventure with a new friend Suzie! I am impressed that you went to so many places, sounds like there are stories to tell! And YAY for reliable transit, that's always a bonus.

(Another) late add from me! I've been tired this week, sorry I've not been very on time.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow Jamie, that's dedication! And good to know about sitting closer for singing melody. I can't wait to go with you and I love the songs they choose.

Shannon, I am so glad you got to go out to see that crazy movie!!! :) And what a nice surprise that it was quite true to the story and the characters were developed.

Yes, I seem to have made a friend and she loves adventure which is awesome! :) I couldn't believe how many places there were to check out.

No problem Shannon, totally understand. Hugs!