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Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9, 2013


Another wonderful Friday hanging with Shannon. We got stuff done, got stuff sorted and had great conversation to boot! And yep, I see Shannon shared the yummy dinner we had. All good! I love Fridays.

 photo 20130308DinneronFriday_zpsed5cc616.jpg

Dinner for Jamie & me at my place, at least part of dinner...I should have gotten a pic of the sandwiches too! It was a very productive evening of good times and great company, and a healthy salad to boot! It was also very exciting to get the antenna set up, but I all the pics I took were of Grimm and well... I didn't want to spoil that for either of ya :)


Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful salad Shannon! I bet the sandwiches were good too. :) If you can get Grimm, then it sounds like it's working which is awesome. BTW, we were watching Grimm as I read this post last night so thank you and OMG, so good!!!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I can attest to the yum of the salads and the sandwiches. Delish! I think those sandwiches, rye and havarti, are my new favuorite!

And Grimm, omg, I'm so glad it's back! So good!

Really late add from me but it's here (along with a rewind too!)

Shannon said...

Woohoo for late add Jamie! It was a great day getting stuff done and sorted and great convo and food! Yippie!

And I'm glad not going with the Grimm pic was a good one! hahah maybe I'll use it later this week :) It's great to have it back! In HIGH DEFINITION! Yes, I will be saying that for months....