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Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013


 Our Valentine's Day gift to ourselves was to go to the ballet! I was just thrilled to see Romeo & Juliet. This is probably the ballet that I have seen the most often and I was excited to share it with Justin. As we watched, I couldn't believe how much of the music had seeped right into my heart. I remembered this trill and that boom. The dancing had changed though. Recently the National Ballet commissioned new choreography and I am so sorry to say that it simply resulted in me missing the pervious version. There were lovely moments and Juliet was extraordinary but for the most part the choreography never seemed to live up to the bigness of the music or the moments. Regardless, it was a thrill to be in this beautiful space, drinking it all in!

 photo 20130316Xmen_zpsde0709cf.jpg

I have to say, one of the joys of having Netflix so far is being able to watch things like X-Men (the animated series from the 90's).  I remember watching it at home, but I have absolutely no clue how many of the episodes I've seen.  Plus, at 22-ish minutes it's the perfect companion piece for getting a quick workout in.  And only know realized that the pic I picked is totally fuzzy!  Ah, well!  You can see Storm, no?  She's ah.... affecting the ... perception via weather control, of course!


It was stressful, gross, anxiety-producing and at times upsetting but Reg figured out how to unclog our bathroom sink. It took me back to when I was a kid when the swear words would go around the house and the sizzle of frustration was in the air and how much that freaked me out. But I am an adult now and I got out my latex gloves and I helped and now our sink is running awesome and it is one less thing for us to stress about. Woot!


Suzie Ridler said...

Wow Jamie, that is amazing you got to go! What a shame about the choreography but so glad you got joy in the music.

Shannon, what fun to see X-Men like that and inspiring to watch it when you work out. Such a smart idea. I loved watching that show at home together. That and The Tick. Oh and BTW, the live-version Tick show is on Netflix and is so much fun.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Suzie, yay to you and Reg for figuring that out yourselves. That is awesome! I'm sure it was hard, stressful work but you guys did it. I'm thoroughly impressed!

X-Men!! I remember how much we enjoyed watching that show. I'll have to revisit some episodes too. What a great way to super-power your workout! Go PlanetShannon Go! hehe

Shannon said...

Oh wow, look at how gorgeous it is at the ballet!! I had no idea that there was consistency on the choreography for ballets! Learning! I can't stop it from happening :)

I think it's totally awesome that you are Reg got the drain unplugged Suzie, stuff like that can be a pain but it's so worth finding a way to make it work.

I saw that the live version of The Tick is on Netflix Suzie! Mind you, I don't remember seeing it - is it any good?

I've been loving watching X-Men, I'm so going to power through all 5 seasons quickly! That's going to give me some odd recommends I bet!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks, it was a pretty big deal and maybe it is symbolic which would be nice. That we can move forward now and remove the crap from our lives.

We loved the live episodes of The Tick Shannon. It is silly but quite fun. We were shocked when it got cancelled and only got to see a couple of episodes so it was nice we could see all the ones from season 1 that were made.