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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013


Justin and I have officially signed up for guitar lessons and guitar rental is included! Yesterday we went in and were able to try out several guitars and bring home the one that felt right to us. I tried this one and a beautiful black steel string. It was hard to let that other one go but the steel is so hard on the fingers! Plus, I just love the sound of the classical guitar - though so far with my little hands making a good sound has been a bit challenging. We had a great time sitting down last night just trying to learn a few chords.

 photo 20130305Gobo_zps7c290d4b.jpg

Oh the challenges of trying to organize, plan, journal at home. You get up to make a tea...and someone gets *all cozy* right where you are working. Sigh.


I know you both probably saw this photo of my new hair cut and colour but it was the only photo I took yesterday. I did do a video of me drinking coconut water live for the first time as well but I like having this photo of me in my kitchen. I even used it to replace the "raw!" edgy profile I had been using. Mostly because I wanted to show off my new look. I am very happy with it, especially the cut. 


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Lol, you are a master of creating a great cozy spot. No wonder Mr. Man finds his way riiiiight into it, hehe. I hope you managed to get some of your ... hmmm... I'm surprised we don't have a word for "planning, organizing, journaling" time!

Suzie, I think you look awesome! Love the new cut and colour. And I've been meaning to say that I think that you can get inexpensive colourful extension type accessories to add a swatch of colour to your hair. Enjoy!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, you look like a natural with that guitar! Oh the steel strings would have been rough, literally. Yay! So glad you are on this musical journey, I love it.

Oh Gobo, you and your special power to sit right where Shannon wants you not to.

Thanks Jamie! Had a hard time with styling my hair myself today but I hope I get the hang out of. Oh that's too funny! Maybe when I am in Toronto we can go extension shopping together? I have no idea where to begin and I think that would be fun.

Shannon said...

omg Jamie I love that picture of you and the guitar! It looks like the perfect one for you, I am so impressed you and Justin are taking lessons and learning the guitar! So much fun.

Love the new haircut Suzie and I think it is awesome you are using it for your new profile pic! It looks amazing. Now I can't wait to go watch the coconut water drinking vid!

Haha...I think that is my 'plan my week' spot/mode/set up. And it is odd there isn't a word that encompasses it all! And yes that Gobo always finds it. Sometime I trick him by moving that box and pulling another beside me (but the trick is not to wake him up while I pushing the box and pulling out my notes from under him!).

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL! I can just see you doing that, Shannon.