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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12, 2012


I truly can't believe how excited I am that we now have a family calendar in the kitchen. As soon as we put it up it felt like something I'd been missing. Not only that, we've got stickers for when we work out (blue) and for when we practice guitar (orange). So much fun! And totally motivating.

 photo 20130311DeadliestCatchseason61_zps7da4fdb8.jpg


I finally caught up with Season 6 of The Deadliest Catch, and it was a bit of a different season and harder to watch but I'm glad I stuck it through. I just have Season 7 to watch before the new season (which is Season 9) starts mid-April. I think I might actually be caught up by then! Huge irony of all of this is I likely won't have CABLE by then, but I hope they will air them online at, it looks like they will...but until I see it I won't know for sure!


It was almost warm yesterday (although not on the walk to the store... Brr!) so I went and got these red peppers on sale for 50% off. One of the benefits of getting there on Mondays. I roasted them and today I hope to make a soup with them. Often red pepper soups and sauces can be a bit bitter but I found a recipe that incorporates sundried tomatoes so I am very curious to see if that offsets the bitterness. 


Shannon said...

That's so awesome that you have a family calendar Jamie, and how extraordinary that it was something you didn't even realize was missing - fascinating. YAY for celebrating when you work out and when you play guitar, that's awesome!!

Suzie, omg.... for a moment I thought the peppers were something else, something still food-y but let's say meat-y. I'm glad it's peppers! And YAY for getting good deal on them on Mondays, that's rockin'.

Late add from me :)

Suzie Ridler said...

A family calendar is an awesome idea! And a great use of stickers to get all inspired. Gold star!

Oh dear, no, not meat Shannon, LOL. Yup, Mondays I often get stuff 50% off which rocks.

Way to go getting through more Deadliest Catch! I wonder what it was that was challenging? Oh I do hope they show the show online, you just have to see the next season.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm totally loving the family calendar. Yesterday after guitar, I was literally hanging out in front of it like a puppy ready for a walk waiting for Justin to come over so we could put on our sticker. YAY!!!

Roasted peppers look a bit freaky but boy are they delicious. I'm so impressed that you make them yourself. Wow. I'll be curious to hear how your soup turns out, Suzie!

Wow, I had no idea Deadliest Catch was such a popular show. That's amazing to follow these men through that many seasons. I sure hope they show it online for you, Shannon!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Lol, Suzie, we were writing at exactly the same time.

Gold star is exactly it! Except right now we have orange lions and purple orangutans! Pretty much the same thing really :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that's adorable Jamie and I love the orange lions and purple orangutangs/gold star equivalent.

I am actually going to do a foodie minute on making roasted red peppers, it is so easy everyone can make them and this way you save a bunch of cash.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Sounds like a perfect foodie minute, Suzie!

Shannon said...

I can totally see you standing in front of the calendar Jamie, waiting to put the stickers on! That is so much fun!

I can't wait to see your roasted red peppers in a foodie minute Suzie! I used to make them on my gas stove but they,...uh... make a big mess, lol. I probablyl wasn't doing it right. :)

Shannon said...

And yes, it's been quite the journey with these guys over all the years. It's kind of freaky to think by the time I've watched S7 (and S8 last summer), I will have witness 8 years of their working lives throughout 1 year. It's a very different experience watching a documentary show with the same people for so long, I can see why the fans are so attached...and...I guess I have to now included myself in that group!

Suzie Ridler said...

That's a very common way to make them Shannon, on the gas stove. I use my oven and it works just fine. Hoping to get the foodie minute done this week some time.

It's true, all those episodes with the same people, you must really feel you know them and worry about them when they're doing that dangerous work. I hope Netflix in Canada starts showing Deadliest Catch, I really want to see it from the beginning.