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Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013


Yesterday was a full day. It included everything from early morning subway meetups to conversations about healing temples inspired by Superman, from spiced chocolate biscotti to big fat burritos, from dealing with IVs to learning new chords. Perhaps the most surreal moment was sitting with Shannon in a waiting room watching old Star Trek! The best part of the day was everything being okay.

 photo 20130314atHospitalStarbucks8_zps4ddd9a40.jpg


The final step on the list yesterday was... Burritos. Here's me hamming it up a little with Jamie on getting the last check box filled. And our tummies. Wow. Those burritos are HUGE. And Yummy.


Had a very frustrating day yesterday. Was assured over the phone that my Staples was open and when I got there, no, it was closed. I walked around to everyone seeing if anyone provided fax services. Nobody does. I also went to the post office to pick up that package that should have been left when I was home and the post office said they did not have it. And that the postal carrier screwed something up and I might not have had a package in the first place. But my nightgown should be here by now. Ugh! Still, I am glad things went well for others yesterday. Very grateful for that.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Suzie, what a frustrating day! I can't believe it. I hope you send Staples that picture!! That's so awful. I'm sorry the day was so tough. ((hugs))

Shannon said...

Star Trek! I'm glad I was gutsy enough to change the channel in the waiting room to Space (no one was there at the time!), so we and others could enjoy classic science fiction on a trying day. It was a very long day but feels good for all that did get done.

I'm so sorry to hear your Staples was clearly NOT open. It's really challenging when people don't realize what an effort it can be to get out to places, only to have them not open even when you checked. That's awful Suzie. I really hope you get some resolve there and more importantly....your nightgown!

Late add from me :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, clearly I was not ready for that picture! Those burritos are amazing. I am so glad we got to end of the day with a big treat like that!

Suzie Ridler said...

I have been in touch with Staples and they did apologize but it was quite, well, not super authentic. Postal carrier came, no nightgown again today. I have a bad feeling. Thanks Jamie and Shannon. I just continue to get reminders I am in the wrong place. Thankfully it was a warm-er day but still.

That is so cool and oddly appropriate old Trek was on! Good for you to change the channel Shannon. And yay to burritos! So glad you ended the day with such a fantastic treat.

Shannon said...

Oh sorry - I hope it's okay that I included it Jamie! I thought it was a cute one :)

I'm glad Staples apologized Suzie, but I hope they can do more than that - sheesh! I'm sending you good nightgown vibes!