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Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30, 2013


I think I'm finding a rhythm for Project Life. I'm must loving taking time on Fridays to create an impression of my week. Just on this side I have my Full Worm Moon Dreamboard, our trip to Ikea, some words that inspired me, a book and a card that I received from interviewees at Creative Living with Jamie. On the other side is the raccoon I saw, the Dance the Body Divine card I shared during stART, where we went out for dinner and how much we love Jerk Chicken. It's a wonderful peek into my life each week and a really fun ritual for Fridays.


I had a moment when I was like..where is the cat? And yes, of course, he found a new spot where I just shifted some things and there he was basking in the newly found sunlight! Cats are amazing at finding new spots!


After saying we don't have any wildlife around here, I saw this beautiful white cat skulking around our little river and a duck going for a walk on a lawn with a cat in the window above him. I guess I just don't get to see much because I am home most of the time. 


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

There's a discovery theme today! I'm discovering a new routine, Gobo discovered a new spot and Suzie discovered wildlife!

Gobo looks like he not only found the sun but also a bag to sit on! That's such a win for cats. Jinx will find any backpack put on the ground in seconds!

I love seeing your neighbourhood animals, Suzie! They must have heard us talking about it and thought, I need to say hi to Suzie!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you've found your rhythm with Project Life Jamie! It's amazing how much you can capture the awesomeness of the week :)

Gobo loves the sitting on the bags. I don't even try and stop him anymore! Good thing most of them are wipe-away material :)

I'm glad you did see some wildlife in your hood Suzie! It's amazing when things show up and say "Hey, I *am* here!" when you don't even realize it! Cats are ducks in the 'hood!

Suzie Ridler said...

Rituals do help and working on Project Life on Fridays as a moment of reflections is awesome Jamie. I love it!

I will have to remember that about Gobo and Jinx's obsession with turning backpacks into their spot.

It is funny how wildlife showed up after I said it was never around, I couldn't believe it. Maybe spring is here after all but it does help to actually leave the house.