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Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012


Justin and I enjoyed some treats yesterday thanks to Shannon! It was kind of hilarious because Shannon had a giveaway for two different movies: The Raid and One Life. Justin immediately wanted to go to the first. My instinct was it was too violent for me but thought the other would be interesting. So we each went to our own movie and met up at the pub afterwards! Thanks, Shannon, we each enjoyed our movies! Despite the over-anthropomorphizing (and quite a bit over), the animals were truly fascinating and drew you right into the film.



Office lunch party of salad & dessert. I wish I could say I wasn't responsible for the stronger reduction in some of those yummies, but I was. Resistance to free sweets is very hard, it was the first time I caved all month, and hopefully the last!

Under Our Willow Tree


I had to get out into the sun yesterday and felt motivated to go to the thrift store. Then when I saw these mannequin heads, I had to take a photo of them which was kind of awkward to do in the store. When I got home I realized they kind of reminded me of... well, us! Jamie on the left, me in the middle and Shannon on the right. Freaky eh?!

Oh and they had little bits of yarn Jamie! I had never noticed it before and Reg's Mom has crochet hooks she is going to give to me so I am going to try crocheting again and playing with stitches too, since the book you told me about was waiting for me at the library yesterday. :)


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Gosh, I just love sharing our day. I just had to say it!

Wow, what a spread at your work, Shannon! I'd find it hard to resist those goodies too. Yay you for getting through so much of this month without caving. You're doing great!

OMG, Suzie, that is so awesome. As soon as you said it looked like us, I could see it! I think I'm going to make that my wallpaper for a while. It's totally making me smile! You never know what you'll find at the thrift store!

Suzie Ridler said...

What a smart idea to split up Jamie and get to see the movies you wanted to see!

Shannon, I think you are doing amazing and how lovely your work did that. I would find them impossible to resist.

Isn't that crazy Jamie? It's like a part of me knew which is the part that kept poking at me to figure out how to take a photo without anyone noticing.

Yay! So glad it made you smile!

Hope you're having a good day Shannon. I know you can't comment until later but I always look forward to it. I agree Jamie, I love seeing what we're up to!