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Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012


I made my dreamboard on the full moon but yesterday I spent some time with it. I'm continuing to work on turning my Year of Dreams program from last year into a DIY workshop that you can do monthly at home. I've been taking myself through the journal questions and finding them really helpful and revealing. Writing yesterday I realized some of the meanings that spheres and circles have for me, a renewed commitment to self-nourishment so that I can "get in the ring" and offer my work at an ever deepening level. I've been doing dreamboards for so long and never fail to be amazed by the insight that's to be gained through this practice.



Checking in on my accomplishment calendar, still feeling pretty good about things and love to see which ones are consistently working. Also managed to save a bit too which makes me super-happy!


Having a hard time right now. Screwed up sleep. Fear of the future. Having no food but the world being covered with ice. Tired of feeling like a prisoner. Talking to Shannon for Hexed was definitely the highlight of my day!

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Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Suzie, I'm so sorry that things are so hard right now. I hope that spring coming is both real and metaphoric and that things are brighter, warmer and happier soon.

I'm so glad you and Shannon were able to connect for Hexed!

And Shannon, way to go with your ever-growing list of accomplishments. Your new system rocks!