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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rewind: August 18, 2013


I just love this picture of Mom - and since she had it framed by her door for the longest time, I figure she must have loved this picture of her too. It's funny how your perspective changes as you get older. I look at this picture and think how young Mom looks, how young she was when she started living on her own again, starting another part of her life. I wonder if she felt that way or not at all.


This painting being at the funeral home's bathroom still amazes me. I am so glad I took a photo of it because it takes me back to Mom's place when she had it hanging on her wall.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That was so surprising, Suzie! And reassuring. It made me feel like we were in the right place (despite our challenges!)

Suzie Ridler said...

So odd, I can see Mom in that photo Jamie for sure but she also looks very different and you're right, it must have been when that new cycle of her life started. She looks so happy and in her element, I hope she felt positive about that time in her life.

Me too, when I saw that painting, I just knew we were in the right spot, even when we went through all the craziness.

Shannon said...

Aw, what lovely reminds of Mom you both had this week, I'm so impressed.

Aaron Metcalfe said...

Respect your feelings and the picture is really lovely plus the idea of having it framed at the gate.