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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013


Yesterday was all about the kitchen reno at Shannon's! I saw that she had such a perfect picture of it so I thought I'd share this cutie of Gobo instead. Behind him is a fort for him to play with, which is also the ginormous box they used to deliver Shannon's cutting board aka countertop. It was a great night with great progress (and a crazy downpour that luckily didn't last!)


I was so excited because today Jamie was coming over to help me getting my kitchen sorted out, and not only did we do that but my bday present from her, new cutting board, also arrived today!  I am so thrilled to have my kitchen in order with so much space in including lots of choppity chop space!   I have a feeling it's going to be stir fry central at my place for a while!!


On Friday I treated myself to a smoothie at a new cafe in our hood! How exciting, a neighbourhood cafe, I have been waiting for that. The only problem is this small smoothie was $5. I think I need to try their coffee next, maybe that will be cheaper. I also bought a cute little fuzzy purple notebook. I was going to continue to use the one I had in Toronto "AKA my brain" but I just couldn't. I wanted a fresh start. This one makes me laugh and is super light. I also got highlighters too. Very exciting.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It was so great getting your kitchen sorted, Shannon! It looks awesome. Can't wait to see what you cook up in choppy chop central!

Woot to a local cafe, Suzie! I know it was such a joy when one came into our neighbourhood. I hope they have good coffee!

I love how you call that book 'your brain'. It was amazing to me to see that we all organize our lives in similar manners with a book like that.

Here's to a fresh start!

Shannon said...

Aw, what a cute picture of Mr Man! He had lots of fun yesterday in the fort - it was HUGE! And had lots of hide and seek material too. Thanks so much for your help Jamie! I realize now I probably should have put a before picture too, lol.

I think it's awesome you now have a local place to go Suzie, and a new journal definitely sounds in order. I used to go with a light one too for carrying around, it makes a lot of sense and is a lot of fun with being fuzzy purple and all! I hope the smoothy was good, it certainly looks like it was!

Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful photo of Mr. Man! Love that he had a fort to play in.

Wow, I an envious of that cutting board, that ROCKS! Kitchen is looking amazing. You two did a phenomenal job.

I hope they have good coffee too and not too expensive, LOL. Yup, I would be lost without that book and that is so cool we all do that. Shannon, been thinking about how you journal at Starbucks and am thinking about taking "the big one" with me next time. I love the purple fuzzy one though but it's pretty tiny, not to say my brain is tiny!