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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013


It was so nice to have a holiday weekend. We found the perfect balance between getting out (enjoying Mandarin with Shannon, Dad and Julie, going to Pacific Rim, having dinner down in the Beaches) and getting things done (starting on Mom's pictures, getting things away, laundry) and relaxing. Yesterday I took some time to sit in front of the TV and create some cards. I have lots of love notes of gratitude that I'd like to send out and thought this would be a nice way to do it.


Holiday Monday yesterday, although I never remember (or maybe never have ever known) what this one is for, but I do know it's a holiday.  I kicked back, relaxed, wrote a bit, vlogged a bit and enjoyed the simple pleasure of the day with Jamie's Banana Bread which she gave to me the night before. Thank you Jamie!


We finished up our long crazy weekend by dressing up for the Natal Day Parade. We walked in the Hal-Con section and I was a bubble girl, making giant bubbles for the crowd as people yelled "Khan!!!!" to Reg. There was a lot of "freaking the mundanes" like Reg in Tim Horton's and me picking up eggs and milk with a brain slug on my head. Good times. Although I feel like I have been run over by a truck.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that is amazing you are making homemade cards like that. And that you got a very balanced long weekend. So wonderful you got out to the Mandarin to celebrate Shannon's bday with Dad and Julie.

Shannon, that banana bread looks awesome and I am glad you are getting back to vlogging too.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay to enjoying the banana bread! I'm so glad, Shannon.

LOL, Suzie, it looks like you guys had a blast this weekend! You two are anything but "mundanes", hehe.

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, we had a great time this weekend but man, feeling quite crappy now, took on a lot so I am in recovery mode. LOL, yay! That last thing we want is to be mundane, thanks Jamie.

Shannon said...

Wow, what a weekend Jamie! Yay for enjoying the holiday-ness in many ways (including baking, hehe!) and celebrating my Bday! Fun times.

Sounds like it was fun times on the East Coast too! I think it's awesome you dressed up and had fun at the Natal Day Parade, Suzie! And how rockin' it is they have a HalCon section, woot!