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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013


Sometimes, I love the way things happen. We made a great dinner and lots of it, so I thought we'd share with Shannon, which led to a wonderful impromptu coffee and a meet up with this furry friend, Suki! Visiting turned a mundane Monday into a marvelous one!


Kicking back to the weekend on this one (forgot to take pics yesterday, I'm shocked!); and using my awesome new cutting board.  I actually didn't initially realize I could peel all my carrots, then chop them all instead of my previous habit of peeling three, chopping three, which is what my old space allowed.  Now I can do the whole dang bag if I want to!


Yesterday I went out and got a filter for the over the kitchen and replaced it myself (something small that needed to be done that I could do on my own) and got some serious badass cleaning gloves from the dollar store. I shredded documents and also went through almost 2 years of paperwork I have been avoiding. Haven't gotten through it all yet but I am working on it. And going through my filing cabinet. Have I mentioned how much I hate paperwork? Oh and we painted the trim of the laundry room ceiling last night. Exhausted. So exhausted.


Shannon said...

Such an awesome picture of Suki the Cat! I was amazing that she totally ran right over to us. It was so awesome to visit Jamie, and that dinner was amazing! I can't wait to have more of it :)

Seems like a kitchen theme Suzie, and I had no idea you could replace those filters. I washed mine. Which was yuck! I think it's great you are cleaning and clearing so much, but remember to rest too! There is still time to do that too!

PS Late Add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Again, you guys are both inspiring me to shiny up the home front! I definitely need to start tackling some of the many boxes here from Mom's.

I'm so glad you liked the dinner, Shannon. And I just loved that Suki came to say hi. What a beauty. And you are so right about her eyes - very special!

So exciting to see all that choppy chop chop! It's so awesome the board and the counter space increased your chopping capacity. Yay! Here's to chopping - and to veggies :)

WTG, Suzie! You are doing so great. I'm thoroughly impressed you got in there and made that happen. And I love those super powered cleaning gloves. Rock on Queen of Clean!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, the photo of that kitty is hysterical! I can hear Suki speaking through it.

Shannon, wow, I am so envious! That is a great work space and I am so glad you can peel as many carrots as you want now.

I remember somebody mentioning the kitchen filter as a sort of test for seeing how clean homes are so... OMG, I didn't know you could actually clean then, LOL. I have to do that with the air filter in the bathroom next.

Thanks Jamie. I am doing my best. Little things each day will hopefully add up. Our house is a disaster right now so hopefully those gloves will soon be tackling it so it can gleam.