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Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013


I bet Shannon's picture will look similar. We went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters together on Saturday. What a treat to get out to the movies and lose yourself in a tale of adventure. Just what I needed!


And what do you do when your internet is down?  Clean your apartment of course.... I couldn't do a vs the stuff vid, but I did makes some big progress in creating some space in front of it so there is some flow back in the apartment.


We had a very stressful weekend of taking out donations, realizing the Canadian Tire stores sell things like primer at different prices and had to go back to another one to pay $10 off a can... The only fun we had was going to SugaRush for such a nostalgic when it comes to candy and they have new ones like Harry Potter Flavor Jelly Beans! I have been wanting to try their Beep slushie, a drink that used to be sold in the Maritimes when Reg was a kid and I finally got one. Yes, best part of a tough weekend.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's good to see you smile - and enjoying a bright and happy drink! I'm glad you guys found some time for a treat in the midst of all the tough!

Suzie Ridler said...

I am so glad you all got out to the movies together! I hope you enjoyed the film, that is on our list for sure too.

Thanks Jamie. It was a nice change of pace since things have been so tense and tough. Going to the store was a good idea! We needed some fun.

Shannon said...

I'm going to tuck in and say mine would be the same-ish pic of yours Jamie! This no internet for days is driving me bananas! But less banana-ish was Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters which was a lot of fun, I'm so glad we got out to see it together.

Sounds like a trying weekend Suzie, and what the heck was up with the paint differences at the stores, that sounds very frustrating. I'm glad you got a yummy drink to smooth things over.

Shannon said...

I didn't think I was going to do it, but I did. Late add from me!

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, I am so sorry to hear you are without internet, that is so brutal and I immediately wondered if that inspired you to work on the stuff, LOL.

I know! It was Canadian Tire and there was almost a huge difference in price. I had checked online at our store and it was only $26.99 but the other Canadian Tire was like $40!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

WTG, Shannon. More spaciousness is awesome! Hmm... maybe this no internet thing is a "get it done" conspiracy!