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Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013


Wow, looking at the pictures from yesterday at The Ex it felt impossible to choose something to represent the whole day. I mean, there was sand sculptures, horticulture, food demos, jewelery buying, the Cat Show (of course!), miniature horses, perogies, free cake, henna tattoos, the farm and Shannon and the turkey! So I thought I'd share this "promise of the day" photo when we just arrived, anticipating a great time of familiar treats and perhaps a few surprises! I'll do a post on the whole day at my site soon.

It was so much fun to go to the CNE yesterday and the Cat Show for the umpteenth year (I accidentally did the math...bad idea!).  It was not easy to pick just one pic, and I'm sure I'll be creating and sharing a whole album over on Facebook for lots to enjoy!


I did it! I finally finished putting away the stuff that was on top of my crafting table and most of my personality is hidden from the room now too. I am two days ahead of schedule since the stager is coming Wednesday evening. That was a ton of work! We will have to paint it next. I wish we had more time.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Ack! I'm glad you didn't share the math, Shannon, hehe. It has been years of enjoying the cat show - and that little kitten is our first Japanese bobtail! What a treat - and a totally great day. I'll look forward to your pictures on Facebook. I'm going to do a Simple Pleasures post on the CNE too.

Wow, Suzie, that is a lot of work. That is so awesome that you're even ahead of schedule. WTG! I'm so curious to hear all about what the stager has to say. I'm sure it will be fascinating. You guys are doing such great work!

Shannon said...

Woohoo to CNE Day-ing! I had such a hard time picking a pic too, but there was so much fun to be had I'm glad the promise of the day turned into an awesome day!

And yes, that totally was our first Japanese Bobtails - although looking back at the pics I think there was a kitten, and an adult (unless the kitten was in both categories which I don't think you can do...)

Way to go on so much work on the crafts room Suzie, and for being ahead of schedule! I think you guys are in great shape for getting the house up for sale :)

Suzie Ridler said...

It's true, you both have been going forever! It sounds like it was a full and super fun day. :) I can't wait to see more photographs!

I am curious about what she is going to say too, I hope we can accomplish what she wants. I feel like it's taking forever to get stuff done. Thanks, I'm really, really trying to help out and make a difference. Just got more painter's tape. Guess what I am doing today?!!

Shannon said...

Hehe, I bet we will see the results of more painting soon!