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Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013


I am a bit out of practice with getting pictures taken every day! I was coming home last night from a beautiful dinner with my dear friend, having sat for hours in her wonderful backyard when I realized - I didn't take a picture! So this construction at the subway, LOL, will have to do as a reminder that I was there, coming home from such a lovely evening.


Continuing on the quest for normalcy for me includes getting back to reading. I am still adjusting to being a Kobo-er and reading the ebook way, but step one was downloading some books from the library to enjoy.  Most I already started but didn't finish but I have some new ones too. I really hopeI enjoy them, and that I find my kobo-way as I want to get back to enjoying reading.

And apologies is the pic is sideways, I didn't take it that way but it wouldn't rotate!


I also seem to be on a quest for normalcy and that means taking photographs of products I am going to test or deals I want to share with foodie friends. I am still getting used to my new camera and am not happy with how orangey the light is so I have to play some more with the settings. I can't believe I bought everything for making fajitas yesterday but didn't pick up tortillas! Normally I would consider making them but I had a long Skype chat with Jen which was awesome but meant I did not have time. Man, I remember when $1.99 was the regular price for refried beans!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, you're inspiring me to continue to get back to reading! In fact, there are some books on your kobo that will likely end up on mine too!

Suzie, I'm getting used to the new camera too. I'm totally going to ask you for a Skype call to talk settings :) I hope you figure out how to get it the way you like it!

Enjoy your fajitas when you get to them :)

Shannon said...

Way to get back in habit Jamie, and to not let almost forgetting get in your way! I'm so glad you had a great visit, even if one reminder is now a pic of construction! I guess that means it's summer :)

And wow, great price there Suzie at my store they are $3.49+ and only have 1 brand. Sorry you didn't get to actually make them (if I am understanding correctly) but yay got getting into the normalcly quest.

And woohoo to kobo-kin-ness! I have started to read more over the past few days and I am loving it! It's a little challenging to get in the new rhythm with library downloading but I will find a way to make it work nice and smoothly :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Same here Jamie. Found it kind of lame that I just had a foodie photo but am still trying to get used to taking photos.

Wow, that's a ton of construction! Glad you had a great night out Jamie.

Shannon, I'm inspired too. Is that a autobiography or a DIY book?

You got it Jamie! We can book a camera Skype lesson, sounds good.

Picked up tortillas so it's fajita night tonight! Shannon, these are a new product and same here, normally $3.49 a can, which is a lot.

Shannon said...

How can a foodie photo be lame for a foodie? Nothing wrong with a foodie photo Suzie!

With the books, there are several shown there but the biggest picture of the George St-Pierre book is an autobiography/inspirational book.

I hope the sale new refried beans are good!