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Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013


I waited all week for yesterday! It was toonie day at my Thrift Store. I thought it included dresses but I read the ad wrong, it was dress "pants" but I got 3 skirts for $2 each! Yoga pants and a beautiful shirt too for $2 each. I only spent $18 and got a ton of stuff.

The reason I was looking for dresses is I want to go as a zombie bride for the zombie walk since it is the day before our wedding anniversary. So far, I haven't found one for under $40 and that one was filthy! It was only good for a zombie walk. But, it didn't fit. The quest continues but I can wear my new skirts as I look for it.


Shannon said...

Woohoo Suzie, I'm so glad you got so many deals at your Thrift Store, although boo to dresses not being Twoonie-a-fied! I hope you can find something good for a zombie bride for the zombie walk, that sounds like it would be an awesome costume!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Sounds like great finds! Woot! I hope you find the dress you're looking for. I love that you'll be dressing up for the Zombie Walk. What a way to start wrapping up your time in the east coast!