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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013


It was such a gentle, idyllic moment. The sun was gently lighting up the room. Jinx was so relaxed curled up in the folds of this fabric. Um! Except that Jinx is not allowed to be in the bedroom! And those are our curtains, LOL. Time to do some hemming!


Perhaps not the most exciting picture I've shared but I was very happy to work on organizing my yarn and getting it a little up, up and away! This totally cleared up some very usable space as well as re-inspired me to get to knitting and got me energized on an upcoming project. Woohoo!


Yesterday was an epic day for me. I got through shredding 2 years of financial documents (not easy when your shredder gets so overheated so easily) and caught up on around 2 years of paperwork. Normally I am tad more organized than that but my little filing cabinet was totally full so the paperwork has just been piling and piling. But I did it! The above photo was during the thick of it.

I also learned how to paint! And once I got started, I just kept going. This door looked so horrible before, half painted, looked so crappy. When I was done with it it looked like new and even Reg was impressed! And... our dishwasher arrived! I won't be officially celebrating until I know that it is all hooked up and fits right. Fingers are crossed.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, progress!!

Wtg, Shannon, with sorting all that yarn. It's awesome to hear all that energy. I think there's something about tackling the stuff that does that. Those bags rock for yarn!

And Wtg, Suzie, for all of that. What a ton of work! It's amazing what some paint can do. Fingers crossed for the dishwasher!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh look at Jinx! She totally looks like she is at a photo shoot. What a rebel one she is.

Shannon, I wish I had bought those bags, my yarn is everywhere, it's so smart. Well done!

Thanks Jamie. Just did baseboards (only the walls left, thank goodness) and still waiting for the dishwasher guy.

Shannon said...

I was wondering where that was as I don't think I've seen a pic of here there! Sneaky Jinx knows she's not gonna get in trouble, me thinks!

Yay for dishwasher arrival and painting goodness and going thru papers. You are really working it Suzie!

The bags are from Dollarama, maybe yours has them! They are invaluable :)

Shannon said...

Oh, and that's just for yarn that's away. For projects I'm working on I put them in baskets or sealable large tupperwear (so the cat doesn't get at 'em and keeps dust and such away).

Suzie Ridler said...

Dishwasher guy still isn't here! :( Yes, will check Dollarama next time I am there. Oh that is so smart for yarn storage and then having tupperware for the products you are working on Shannon, nice!