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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013


I should have taken a picture in the bank because what I spent the majority of the day doing was getting back to my executor duties and working through Mom's finances. It felt good to get things done. I also walked down to the library and picked up The Courage to Grieve. So far I'd say it's quite good but I continue to struggle with how much what we went through feels different than what's described.


Went out for coffee yesterday. Mid-coffee-drinking realized that 'decaf' was marked off on my cup. I never order decaf. Never. Dark, yes. Decaf, no. I don't actually think I got decaf, but it was bizarre to see.


What a disaster yesterday was. Reg had to move all the stuff under the stairs into the family room so the dishwasher installer guy could turn off the water for the house. Which didn't happened because apparently we have a dishwasher from hell, originally installed by morons. Reg is bringing up my portable dishwasher soon. Hopefully that still works.

The only good thing about yesterday is we got most of the laundry room finished. But right at the end, I screwed it up trying to remove one of my never-ending hairs from the paint and then the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. I am so glad that day is OVER!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Decaf!! What is that you're saying?? I'm glad you could tell that it was in name only but its heart was true.

Oh, Suzie, what a lot to go through. Seeing that picture of your family room suddenly made me sad. I realized I won't be in your home there again and what a lovely home you created.

I'll look forward to visiting your next home :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, I was SHOCKED when I saw decaf! I wondered if you were going through a life changing moment or something, hehe.

Jamie, I am feeling the same way, that the books just are not appropriate for what we all experienced, although I haven't delved into the one about parents too much yet, been too busy to read.

I am sad too Jamie. Reg wanted to give our couch away and I know we will have to but I thought about how everyone has slept on it at some point or another. How many fun memories we have had watching stuff downstairs. I wanted to take pictures before all the changes happened but it's already too late.

Shannon said...

I haven't even started thinking about reading books like this Jamie, and it's so true that it feels so different that how I hear people talk about it. Way to go on getting to executor duties though, as always I'm happy to help if I can!

And wow Suzie the dishwasher craziness continues. What a challenge that is. I'm sorry to hear painting had it's ups and downs too. But, it does sound like some progress was made, and that's aways a good thing.

LOL and no... I am a caffienated girl. Even if I can't spell it. Cafienated. Caffiene-ated. Ugh. whatever.

Shannon said...

You should bring your couch with you Suzie - you'll still need somewhere for people to stay, no?

Suzie Ridler said...

We are probably keeping the futon for guests. Some people found the sofa bed not super comfortable to sleep on so... We have to let one of them go! I am holding onto it until right before the move though. It's my most comfortable spot in the house and my TV-watching spot too.