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Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17, 2013


Last night Shannon and I decided to treat ourselves and go out for dinner. We went to Grapefruit Moon (remember it, Suzie?) and thoroughly (I mean, thoroughly) enjoyed the crispy chicken wrap. Not to mention the great company and the story-worthy girls on the patio - straight "Desperately Seeking Susan"-esque film. One short-haired blonde with gold aviators and a young grey cat on a leash. One straight-haired brunette doing her nails at the picnic table. Both eating fresh baked breadsticks on a cookie sheet from their kitchen and dipping it into plain yogurt they brought themselves. I think they bought their juice. I could imagine a whole series of comics based on their adventures.


Yesterday Jamie and I Skyped and it was AWESOME! But, I forgot to take a photograph. How weird of me! But I felt so inspired after talking to Jamie I finally went in the kitchen and made something. The movers won't move liquids so we have to finish off all our booze before we move. So yesterday I made the custard for ice cream and put a batch of Baileys together and Frangelico. Making homemade ice cream always reminds me of the day Auntie Laima did that for us when we came to visit. It makes me very happy. Oh and I added 2x the alcohol you are supposed to by mistake so hopefully that makes it even better.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL! Thank goodness you forgot to take a picture - I'd just come in from a run, hehe. It was AWESOME chatting with you, Suzie. We definitely have to do that more often.

And I'm so glad that you got inspired. And from the sounds of it, Reg will be too. That ice cream has got to ROCK!

I just loved that time we went to Auntie Laima's. An ice cream maker is definitely on my list. Do you have one you recommend on your site?

Suzie Ridler said...

What an awesome pic of Shannon and your night together! And your words creates quite the story Jamie, what characters were there that night. I agree, crispy chicken is the way to go at that spot!

You looked great yesterday Jamie, all flushed and healthy looking. I forgot to mention that to you.

Mine is a small not super powerful ice cream maker. If I had to get another one, it would be a Cuisinart, mostly because Anna Olson always uses it but I have heard good things:

The custard is done, just have to churn it tonight! Reg said I should make a batch of Scotch ice cream and I might, considering how much he has left, LOL. I will stick to Baileys or Frangelico.

Shannon said...

Going to Grapefruit Moon was awesome Jamie! I had a great time and that was such a yummy nummy choice and those girls were totally story-worthy. Had a great time.

Looks like you had a good time too Suzie with twice the Baileys, I hope it was Twice the fun! And Frangelico, nice combo. I loved that homemade ice cream making day at Auntie Laima's! What good memories.

Ack proof of me eating potato! Hehe, that ended up being a perfect pick of a pic as my internet has been DOWN so I'm glad I could 'show up' in a way.