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Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 8, 2013


I had this weird inspiration to start creating on the left over paper plates from Mom's reception. Every time I have a wave of emotion, an image that won't let go, whatever, I take it to the plate and just doodle my way through it. So far, it's been a helpful process.


I apologize in advance to Suzie for posting a shark picture, I know you don't like them! 

It's Shark Week on The Discovery Channel, and although I don't get the channel myself, I thought why not have my own Shark Week watching shark movies?  Oddly, there is a film *called* Shark Week which I watched last night (and a bit the night before...and a bit this morning...feel asleep in it a lot), and to be honest it isn't very good.  I started off a lot stronger with The Reef which was excellent, great drama and quite scary.  I wonder what I'll watch tonight!


This has been our major stressor on our holiday. It started with the demise of our dishwasher. Which apparently can not be fixed. Which was hard enough to deal with. I finally found one that wasn't too wide, was ready to buy it only to discover it was too tall. REALLY too tall. Because we have an older house, our counters are lower than all dishwashers these days. It took us forever, lots of phone calling and being told no such dishwasher exist. Then, Reg finds one. So we bought it but OMG, the last couple of days everything came to a halt because of this dishwasher. Reg and I got so stressed, it's clear, our relationship with home owner is OVER!!!!


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that is such a beautiful idea, I love it. That is a crafting/artsy idea Mom would love and it's beautiful. I am glad it is helping with the process.

Shannon, LOL, ack!!! That is scary but it sounds like the film wasn't that great. The Reef is a classic, did you watch the original?

Shannon said...

What a lovely idea Jamie, I love that you are letting the emotions out through art, that's amazing. And drawing on paper plates, what a fun, tactile surface!

Sorry for the scares, Suzie and I think this The Reef is an original - it's an Australian film based on a true story. Are you thinking of The Deep?

And I really do hope the road to not being a homeowner no more is a smoother one after this bump Suzie. What a way to spend a vacation.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks for the creative support. It's been a really good way to channel my energies. I'm noticing how much resistance I'm having to everything. It's hard to get me to the page, the plate, the mat, the seat but once I'm there it feels better.

Yay to DIY Shark Week! What an awesome idea. Too bad the first wasn't too engaging! Yay on the next one being better. Are you going to revisit Jaws?

Oh, Suzie, what a hassle! I'm so glad that you were actually able to find a dishwasher that works! At least a new dishwasher should be a selling point - and heck, in a way the new homeowners will cover the cost! Still, I'm so sorry you had to go through that :(

Shannon said...

I would *love* to revisit Jaws. Thing is, I have it on VHS (thanks to you Jamie!!), but it's on my bookshelf which has tons of stuff in front of it. I know where it is (on the bottom, behind stuff) but I might dive in to find it anyway!

Suzie Ridler said...

Resistance can be so brutal Jamie. I am glad that going through the process is helping.

Shannon, if you're going to do DIY Shark Week, Jaws is a great idea, that's a classic Jamie, good idea! Although having to go diving for it (so to speak) does sound a tad treacherous.

I ended up having to cancel the order for the dishwasher because The Brick sucks. Ugh, so frustrating! You're right, it will help sell the house in the end but wow, this has gotten ridiculous.