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Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22, 2013


I absolutely love getting things in the mail! What a joy these days to have something tangible arrive in your mailbox. Yesterday I received these Animal Medicine/Totem Cards I ordered from Pixie Campbell. Tears came to my eyes when "Elephant" was the first card I saw. Here's what the card means, "Elephants are the ancient, wise ones. They are associated with great physical and emotional strength, resulting in hte establishment of deep familial relationships and support around them." I think that card was meant for all of us.


One thing I looooooooooooooooooove getting in the mail is screeners! YAY! So exciting :


I finally did a photo shoot of some of the finished pendants I have done and wanted to share this one with you since I talked about it on stART. I finally put it altogether and now have a "Jams" pendant that I think is quite adorable and completely original on my part. I figured out how to make the jams on my own which took a bit of experimentation in my crafts room. This one was a lot of fun!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Hey, Shannon and I both got something awesome in the mail. That's so cool. Enjoy your screener!

Suzie, the Jams necklace is awesome! It looks so good. I just love how the jam turned out in the spoon. Yay you for experimenting! And yay to having some fun!

Shannon said...

Elephants! Things in the mail! Oh... well... good thing it wasn't a REAL elephant in the mail, that would be a bit of a pain to pick up at the post office! I love tangibles too Jamie, and it sounds like this one arrived at just the right time!

Omg, Suzie your Jams pendant is SO AWESOME! I totally love it. Way to go on figuring it out and getting your photo-time on :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh wow, that card is gorgeous! And I love the idea it's for all of us. Funny, I was taking a TV class with Padma and she mentioned elephants and that stuck with me too. How wonderful!

Shannon, that is so cool you got the Orphan Black screener! That totally rocks!!!!

So glad you both like the pendant, it felt like making a 3D collage which was so much fun. I did take a nap afterwards, LOL.