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Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013


Holy moly, so much went on this weekend that it was hard to pick a pic! The snow storm was crazy. The interloper came by several times, despite the snow. My new bookshelves arrived - YAY - and I started the crazy process of sorting through my books. I can't believe how I can see the different phases of my life in my book collection. I remembered that I used to keep a bibliography exactly because of that and so decided to do that too, which slowed down the "put it away" process but was really interesting!


After months upon months of keeping quiet about watching The Wire, I finally can talk about it! I was so paranoid to ever mention it because it's a fabulous long-arc show from a few years back and I would have been crushed if something out of turn was revealed. No more worrying now! Woohoo!


This weekend was all about snow, snow, snow. I did a lot of cleaning, caught up on laundry (finally!) and for the most part ignored the outside world. On a freaky note, things are supposed to warm up here tomorrow and we're supposed to get rain. Yeah, I'm a tad worried about flooding.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed The Wire, Shannon. As you know, we just loved it. And yay to no spoilers! Phew!

Suzie, we're having the same weirdness too. Today, everything's melting! Justin went out and shovelled around our windows to help avoid some flooding possibilities. I hope everything melts easily at your place :) It sounds like it was the perfect time to stay indoors!

Suzie Ridler said...

That is a lot of books Jamie! So I gather you ordered a new book case that fits? I am glad the interloper has been around.

Shannon, you make me wish I had stuck with that show! So glad you don't have to worry about spoilers now. I'm like that with Fringe. We're trying to catch up before we hear anything about it.

Really Jamie? You're going through a warm spell now? So weird, shovelling around windows but I totally get it.

Shannon said...

Wow that's a lot of books in a lot of piles! I think it's totally awesome that you are keeping a bibliography, what a fascinating way to see things Jamie! And thank you so much for lending me the last few seasons of The Wire!

I totally hear you on the weather front Suzie, and glad you could tuck in ignore the outside world. I did too! If you ever decide to get TMN I saw The Wire a lot on HBO On Demand, they had all 5 seasons when I started watching. I'm sure if/when it pops up on Netflix it will pop on your radar but it's certainly one you don't want spoilers for (as is Fringe!).

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, has it still been really icy and difficult to get around there? Oh I didn't know The Wire was on HBO on Demand. Interesting!

Shannon said...

A lot of the snow and ice have melted, but there are still a few patches out there, and yep The Wire was on HBO Canada - one of the reason I started watching is the had the ENTIRE SERIES available to watch!