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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 9, 2013


It's Jinx mania this week! She's totally wanting to be with me all the time these days, even when I'm trying to Polyfill cracks in the studio walls! I didn't get this job done either, not because of Jinx but because the Polyfilla was a bit old. We'll get some fresh stuff today and keep working on the studio refresh.


It was a LONG day yesterday, and I was happy to get home and relax for a bit including checking out the new series Cracked on CBC that was really good! I'm not a super procedural fan but the Toronto setting, interesting idea and great cast totally won me over.


I spontaneously left the house yesterday to go with Reg to get some groceries because the temperature finally went above 0C. I finally got some sleep and was feeling a bit better so I went for it. Reg had bought me some of these pop chips which are so cool They are not fried or baked. They are "pressurized" to pop and give that chip crunch and are very good and not that bad for you. Yum!


Suzie Ridler said...

Sorry to hear you had a long day yesterday Shannon, bummer! But I am glad that Cracked cracked you up and I am totally looking forward to seeing it tonight. :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm glad you had some good TV at the end of a long day, Shannon. I'm totally curious about this show for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I recorded it and am looking forward to checking it out.

You know what's funny, Suzie? I had a super-long day yesterday and was just working, working, working and Justin insisted on me joining him for a trip to the grocery story!

I came home with treats too - a new container for interloper crunchies and a box he might like to curl up in. LOL, I think what you got was tastier. I'll have to check out pressurized chips :)

Shannon said...

Jinxamania! Looks like she's almost camoflagued in there with matching the chair and floor, hehe. Sorry to hear your polyfil was too old to use, I'm sure you were just inching to fill-a! :)

My store has those Pop Chips but I've never tried them before, good to hear they are worth a bite... or a pop!

Cracked was really good, although I definitely don't have the best sustained watching of procedurals I'm hoping it will keep me over time!

I hope the interloper like the box, Jamie!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

You're so right about the camouflage, Shannon. In fact, Jinx had some trouble getting off the chair because she couldn't distinguish between the chair and the floor. Poor girl! Then it was my turn to give her a hand :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that's too funny Jamie and love the sound of the stuff you bought, the Interloper will be thrilled! And it's true, Jinx does look camouflaged Shannon. Poor Jinx and her sight challenges. I am glad you could help her out Jamie.

So cracked is a real procedural is it? I like those but I know you aren't a fan Shannon. Now I am really curious!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

So, I watched Cracked and though I love seeing Toronto and I think he's a good actor, I don't think I can watch it. It fills my mind with too many crime scenarios in too familiar territory. Even with crocheting, that stuff gets in my head.

I hope you guys enjoy it though!

Suzie Ridler said...

I can understand that Jamie, absolutely. I can handle this one myself but it is quite dark. I have given up on a lot of detective shows but I think I will stay with it just for Christopher because I like him but I can see why it's a tough watch.