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Monday, January 21, 2013

January 22, 2013


So, I know this doesn't look tremendously different than yesterday's picture but it is progress. My old desk is now back in the room but on the other side. It looks like it will become my writing/art table. Yesterday was also the first day that I have been able to do any work in the Studio since the end of the year! A new wonderful group of Circe's Circle started and I led the call from this room.

Happy Birthday to Suzie!!!!!

I admit, I'm perplexed at the cake decorated as "Happy Birthday Sue", but I know it was a cake for YOU! At your awesome 16th Bday Hawaiian Party! And I know it isn't a Bday pick, but I couldn't resist also sharing this holiday pic back from the Halloween where we all got little tiny pumpkins to carve individually. Suzie of course went with this super stylin' sunglass wearing pumpkin! I hope that makes you smile on your B-day Suzie

I decided to fast and furiously put up a whole whack of items up on my Etsy store. So today on my birthday there will be a big giveaway and a sale going on too. People can buy stuff and all the money will go towards getting the Dutch oven I want. It was fun but next time I definitely have to give myself more time, it was too much work all at once but at least it's done!


Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, I don't remember those photos at all! Although I do remember the pumpkin, I loved those sun glasses on it. She was sassy, LOL.

See, people think of me as Sue all the time, although it makes me wonder who made it? Maybe Mom did and it was shorter and easier to write that way, LOL.

I wonder whose feet those are!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh! I wish I had more old photos. What great pics to share, Shannon! I remember the pumpkin one - and Suzie's super-sassy design! You look so cute in this picture, Suzie!

Name's are so funny. What people call us often is an indicator of when they met us too!

Wow, Suzie, that's quite an amazing sale you have for your birthday! What treasures. Yay you for getting that up so quickly! May all of these items find perfect homes - and you get your Dutch oven!

Suzie Ridler said...

Yay to Circe's Circle and having your space kind of back. I am happy to see that chair by the window and having a writing desk is always a great idea.

Thanks Jamie! I don't remember being such a ham.

Thank you for the feedback. It was really important for me to do the sale, that way people can get stuff and support me buying that Dutch oven. Although if no one buys anything... LOL. I guess we'll just have to see what happens!

Shannon said...

The pumkpin pictures are from a washed-out set, so I think I forgot to develop them and so they are very likely mostly unseen. I think it was a store-bought cake, which is odd because it was for that crazy Bday party where so much was hand done. Or maybe Mom did make it, my memory fuzzy from that time :)

I think the feet are... Jason's. That's more from knowing the other pictures of other sock feet in the album though, lol.

Your space looks amazing Jamie! And yay to working IN it for the first time, that's fabulous :) And I so see the progress. YAY for progress!

Way to celebrate with a sale Suzie! I know that kind of thing can be a lot of work so huzzah for getting it done. YAY!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I totally though those were Jason's feet. He's here for the birthday celebrations!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

You know what's one thing that's funny being in my space though? I guess the floor is more tilted on that side of the room and when I move around, particularly if I use the desk to pull my chair in or out, the whole desk moves! LOL! I'm sure we'll find a solution but whoa what a surprise the first time it happened!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh it's a store-bought cake? That makes sense considering the time period Shannon. For my Sweet 16 Hawaiian party I would have gotten the cake from the store.

Too funny, I thought those were Jason's feet too!

Jamie, I wonder if a desk mat would help? You can get them at Staples for your chair. It helps protect the floor (it's plastic) and should help prevent the table from moving.