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Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 2013


So, this is not a very attractive picture of a not particularly attractive site but it represents something big and awesome!! One of the the things that is happening at Jamie Ridler Studios is that the podcast has grown up so much, she wants to move into her own apartment! And so I'll be hosting her on a separate blog so there's room for guest updates, the transcripts, a book store and so much more! I am absolutely thrilled! And yesterday I am so proud of myself that I set up Wordpress on the domain on my own - and even had big problems, talked it through with tech support and solved it! Then I added the Thesis theme myself, did some trouble-shooting there too and get it done. All of that on about 4 hours of sleep. I'm feeling super proud of me - and super-excited for what's to come!


I'm starting to feel the regular rhythms of things start to appear again after holiday goodness, and for me that means heading out to the Library! And of course that means my Library Loot Vlog! I really love doing these, and they are fun and simple to boot. As it's also that time of cross over from one year to the next, I'm also still doing a lot of reflecting and yesterday I looked back at My Year in Books which look a long time to write, but I was happy to get it done right.


Reg totally surprised me by coming home with the most beautiful and colourful bouquet of flowers last night! He wanted to cheer me up since I was so sick and thought these would do the trick and did they ever. I love how warm they look juxtaposed with the cool winter colours out the window. I'm a lucky lady.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, those flowers are gorgeous! They are so warm and colourful, they warmed up my space just from looking at them. I'm so glad that Reg treated you to this lovely surprise. What a sweetie.

I'm feeling that getting back into normal routine too, Shannon. But somehow it feels different and I think that's a good thing.

Look at all that library loot! I'm so glad that library is working out and becoming a part of your regular routine. And I loved your Year in Books post!

In that magazine I'm newly in love with The Simple Life, I saw an article with a great title: My Day in Cups of Tea.

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that is HUGE! I love that you are opening so many doors for yourself, creating many "Jamie" rooms that we can come and visit. So smart and I think it works and good for you for working through the tech crap, that's the worst and you did it. I am so proud of you!

Shannon, I have to ask, how many of the books are you getting through? So curious! You are amazing and I love seeing what you are reading, watching and listening to.

Getting back to normal is good for me too! I think we all need a little normalcy at the moment so we can schedule things we like to do into our day as well as getting crap done.

Yes, the flowers really warm up my kitchen, they made me so happy. Reg is the best.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I love the idea of the podcast growing up enough to want it's own site, I totally get that and what a great way to get it moving and shaking. I wonder if she'll have her own housewarming? Way to go for working through the tech Jamie!!!

Those flowers are so lovely Suzie, what an amazing way for reg to cheer you up - woohoo!!!

I'm glad the library loot is something fun to share for all! And how many books do I get through.. um... good question Suzie... umm... not as many as I'd like! I have to find a good time to read at home, I'm still used to reading in transit which so doesn't works for me. I am thinking about my reading goals for 2013 and maybe that will inspire me to get reading more, hehe

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

and YAY for getting back to normal! I'm liking that too :)