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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012


We had a wonderfully lazy day yesterday but I suddenly felt the urge to be productive and went through one shelf in my closet, the one filled with jewellery and my memory box. It was amazing to me how my jewellery told the story of my life and how my memory box moved me. The knitted bells from Mrs. Brewster are the oldest things I have of mine. The keys to our old house. My pink sunglasses and ribbon ponytails from my Imogen Nation costume. A pencil with grandma's name engraved on it. So many treasures! It was so fun to explore.


It's just about a week in and I've been really enjoying the 31 Days of Horror, and a few days in I started to make these little accompanying title cards to have so I could differentiate the videos from one another.  I've been really enjoying doing them, getting a sense of the film and what would represent it, would it be simple or complicated, etc.  Tons of fun!  And more work... lol

Hal-Con 2012


Yesterday we had a whole day at home which is very rare these days so we spent it working on our Hal-Con costumes. I used a silver pen to write the names of all our favourite shows all over the pants in the style of the shows' logos. I kept going until my silver fabric pen ran out of paint and Reg worked until he ran out of spray fabric paint. Off to Michaels we go!


Suzie Ridler said...

OMG Jamie! Look at al those treasures! Oh that would totally inspire me too, I love it and thank you for sharing that. I don't have a lot of stuff from the old days so this was a treat for me.

Shannon, your graphics for the show totally kick ass! I LOVE them and it is such a smart idea. Yes, more work but I think totally worth it.

Shannon said...

What a day of memories old and new!

I love your memory box Jamie, I totally remember the yellow letter opener and the silver ...what is that, a locket? I so know it as yours! And Imogen costume, wow, how delightful!!

The pants are looking totally awesome Suzie! I love how the names are in the style of the title cards, that's so clever!! I am so excited for your for HalCon this year, it's got to be getting close!

Suzie Ridler said...

I remember the letter opener clearly too! I wondered if that was a locked too.

Thanks Shannon! I literally will be covered in all our favourite shows, LOL. Yes, it's around the corner and I'm trying not to panic. October is going by way too fast!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Look at all this creativity! It totally rocks.

Lol, I just added the letter opener to the box. I've had it in my desk since I was 12! And the "locket"-looking thing is actually a pocket mirror from Justin's Mom and it has a picture of him in it, so it is like a locket!

Shannon, what a great idea to make those cards. I just love them! And it's great to hear you're enjoying the 31 Days of Horror - woohoo!!

Suzie, the pants look awesome. I think it's fabulous that you're creating your own character.

Hey, I think we've stARTed something!! ((hugs))