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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012


Well, this was pretty much my view all day and evening yesterday! October has arrived with fervour! I worked on setting up my Be My Guest contest, my new Creativity Coffee idea, got my newsletter ready and interviewed Gretchen Rubin - and managed to get in morning pages, meditation and yoga too! (Actually, I continue to think that those practices open up the possibility of getting that much done!)


I can't believe it but I DID IT! I rewatched all 7 seasons of Supernatural in anticipation of the Season 8 Premiere this week. I usually do it over the whole summer, but this year I ramped it up and did about a season a week for 7 weeks. I'm glad I did, there are so many great episodes and moments and now I feel ready for the shows return.

Cadbury's Halloween Screme Eggs


I think this is the only photo I took yesterday while I was picking up milk. I got a "Scream Egg" to see if it was any different than the Easter ones and I had to say, I loved the commercial for them. I'm more a Scream Egg than an Easter Egg woman anyway. If I feel good enough, I'll photograph and try it today.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, congrats, Shannon. You are a powerhouse of supernatural viewing! I'm glad you're all set to enjoy the new season!

Suzie, I've never seen a Scream Egg before! I'm so curious what it's like. Leave it to Spooky Suzie to find a foodie Halloween treat!

Suzie Ridler said...

What an awesome day Jamie! I am amazed at how much you get done, you are so productive.

Shannon, I am absolutely blown away that you did it! Although not surprised. You seem to have supernatural-tv-watching abilities. :)

Spooky Suzie is on the Halloween foodie trail! Yes, I saw an add for these eggs and I was thrilled. Just photographed them and ate one. They are white and green on the inside but pretty much taste the same. Crazy-sweet and fun to eat!

Normally ads don't work on me but this one got me.

Shannon said...

Way to go Jamie on a highly productive and sounds like even good-feeling day! It's amazing that the practices we bring can really be the foundation of our lives.

I love the Easter Screme Egg commercials too Suzie! I'll be curious to hear if it lives up to the hype. Or should I say ooze? Oh, you tried it (lol, read the comments, Shannon!), I'm glad it was fun to eat!

Thanks for the congratz on the Supernatural rewatch! It had some hairy moments, but I got through. New seasons starts tomorrow (or Sunday on Space)