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Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012


Haircut time! I really enjoy going to visit my stylist. Not only do I get a great haircut, but as a QiJong practitioner, her shampoos are more like healing and always a treat. Plus this time she was telling me about her interest in Feng Shui and it looks like she might come by our place to work her magic! So exciting. Plus, I got to stop in for an impromptu tea with Shannon at her place. Yay for great outings!


Omg, I feel like I haven't posted enough here! Silly sleeping in-ness. I've been having a lot of fun watching films for the 31 Days of Horror of watching a new horror film a day through October and sharing the experience over on my You Tube Channel. It's been tons of fun so far, even though the movies have been all over the place!

Getting knife sharpened


Had an awesome time chatting with Shannon for Hexed yesterday but I forgot to take our photo! I did have to leave the call because a guy in my hood sharpens knifes and I had to "get my knife ready" which did sound very odd when said it but this is what I meant. I mean you don't want to just hand a complete stranger at your door an exposed (albeit dull) knife. I wrapped it in parchment paper which really, really does not take well to tape.

He uses Japanese water stones to sharpen them by hand and the knives can be even sharper than when you bought them. This will make my life much, much easier.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Suzie, that's amazing! I always notice the ding-ding-ding of the knife sharpener going by but have never taken advantage of the service!

Japanese water stones, that's so interesting. You're inspiring me. Did he have a bell?

Suzie Ridler said...

Damn, you look AWESOME! Great haircut Jamie and what a fantastic day you had. Totally believe in feng shui and that is just the coolest she is going to help you with your space.

I am amazed that people still do the ding-ding-dinging in Toronto! No where else I have lived has had that, unfortunately. This guy saw my article online about not being able to get my knife sharpened because the only place to go is downtown. He does sharpening as a secondary job.

Sadly, no bell. But I'm getting my knife back today which rocks!

Shannon said...

It was so great to see both of you yesterday, for Hexeding and improptu-tea-ing! Love the new haircut Jamie and it's so exciting that you might be having some Feng Shui consulting! Fabulous!

I love that you got your knife sharpened Suzie, that's so amazing that there is someone local that does it. Woohoo!

I snuck in a pic too, bit of a late-bird these days.

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, your videos rock! I love them, especially the fact that the last one had almost paranormal ties to Deadliest Catch and then ended up not being a horror, LOL.

I'm glad you are sneaking posts in! I always look forward to hearing what you're up to, no matter what time of day.