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Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012


I spent the day not only prepping this workshop to offer for the first time virtually but also signing up for and using the technology I'm going to try! I think I've been stymied by that tech step for months but once I started refining the program and creating the visuals, I had an amazing, creative time! Then I got a bit nervous because this is a big step into what I'm thinking is the next direction for Jamie Ridler Studios - lots more classes!

Halloween Makeup


I had figured out online that the store Lawtons was a great place to go for makeup. Considering I could never get anyone to help me when I went to Shoppers, I thought I would give their competition a try. I discovered they also had this big line of Halloween makeup, nail polish....!!!

When I took the photo a woman did come to talk to me. I am sure she wasn't happy with me taking it so I just asked her about this line of makeup and told her I was looking for a base for my eyelids. That got her in problem solving mode and she helped me a ton! BTW, I bought the eye makeup kit on the top left. It comes with stencils but I just loved the cool glittery colours. Every day is Halloween for me! Plus, this will be great for Hal-Con.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, I am so curious about your next tech step! What is it I wonder?! Sounds like you are in serious learning mode to take you to the next level, how exciting!!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I'm trying out Instant Teleseminar, Suzie, which allows people to not only call into a class but also access it through the internet. You can even show PowerPoint slides and take people through a process. The only thing it doesn't have is video. I'll be asking the women in today's workshop what they think about working with this service!

And I can't wait to see you with that makeup! Sparkly is good! I'm looking forward to lots of pics of you and Hal-Con! What an amazing adventure. Enjoy! And yay to the lady coming around and being helpful!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that sounds amazing! Although what? No video?! Weird! I guess it means you can hear people's voices and they can see your desktop?

I really have no idea what to do with the makeup exactly but I have been looking for truly sparkly makeup that doesn't cost a fortune. And that lid base worked amazingly well, I'll write about that soon too. Made the eyeshadow pop which will be awesome for videos.

Yes, it was quite healing to have someone pay attention to me and really help me at the same time. I promised her I would give her an update and she was thrilled. :)

Shannon said...

Wow, Big Steps abound for pearl diving and makeup goodness! Lots of refining too, and it sounds like it's getting funner at that stage too!

The instant teleseminar sounds totally cool! What a great way to do a class online.

I'm so glad you got attention for make up at the store Suzie, the base thing seemed to work really well. Woohoo!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yes, you can hear people's voices and they can also type in questions for you. I don't actually share my own desktop but did upload a powerpoint presentation that I will be able to share. I've got my fingers crossed that it will go well.!

That's awesome that the lid base is a help and that the lady felt good about getting an update. That's all some awesome Halloween magic, I think.