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Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012


I loved this triptych at 401 Richmond on the way to The Inner Garden where I spent the weekend at a workshop with Mark Silver. I think I'll be processing for a while all that was shared and that came up in this weekend of learning. Mark is bringing such love and goodness into the world. I certainly brought that into the room. People were moved beyond measure and deeply committed to a new way of doing business. I was on my own journey, not the least of which was what it meant to be in familiar places, the Annex and Spadina and Bloor, to Chinatown to Queen West to the Grange, to the Art Gallery to U of T. I walked by, through, in it all and felt such longing in my heart. This weekend, I felt a lot of longing.


It always amazes me the uncanny power cats have to in a moment when you look away, they find your clothes/books/paper/bag that is left for an instant, and curl up and get all cozy happy on it and look as if they have been there for hours.  Thank goodness I don't get precious with clothes....

Windsor Pumpkin Regatta 2012


Yesterday Reg and are friends headed out to the valley to finally witness the giant pumpkin race in Windsor! It was so cold and the event took quite a while to get started, Reg went back to the car to get me a chair and a wool blanket which helped a lot. It is clear that even though I bundled up, my time outdoors is coming to an end until late spring next year. It was fun but I am grateful to be getting my flu shot today! I am determined to stay healthy and warm this winter.


Shannon said...

Sounds like we are in times of transition, those of longing and going from outdoors to it. It also sounds like loves of adventure this weekend!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, Shannon, that's so true. I giggled immediately knowing the moment you're talking about. Jinx is particularly adept at finding backpacks! She loves them!

Wow, Suzie, that sounds like quite an experience! I'm glad you were able to cozy up to watch. That totally reminds me of bundling up for the Santa Clause parade.

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh could Gobo be cuter? Yes, cats do seem to have that super power, don't they?

Reg took good care of me which was sweet. Took me hours to warm up when I got home though. Yes, I even mentioned the Toronto Santa Claus parade yesterday, took me right back. Which is why I had hot chocolate when I got home and had to resist the temptation to make popcorn. Oh man, I miss you ladies.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, hot chocolate and popcorn! I want some too.

OMG, we should totally plan on doing that for an stART recording!!