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Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012


Yesterday my weekend workshop with Mark Silver began. It was a treat to head downtown and be back in my old Queen Street neighbourhood, not to mention to spend a couple of hours with sincere, heart-full people sharing, or preparing to share, their work in the world. Mark is a blessing and I've been moved by his work for years. It's so lovely to be learning "how every act of business can be an act of love" from him.



Now I know I am not the most decorative foodie out there but I thought this spider web was pretty darn cool that I made on Friday. Until Reg wondered if the web was cheese! Actually, it's coloured candy melts. I feel like I have been fighting off a cold and I get my flu shot next week so after making these I lay down for the rest of the afternoon. But at least I got something done!


Shannon said...

I knew instanteously where that was Jamie! Amazing how some angles of the city just scream 'home'. I'm glad that the it was nice to spend time with awesome people working on their work! Thinking of business as an act of love is so different that how most people present it, fascinating!

That's an awesome spiderweb Suzie! I thought it might be a pretzel, but candy melt....yummy goodness!! Way to get your scare on :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, that web is awesome! I totally thought it was cheese too! What are candy melts? I hope you feel better soon!

I'm sure we've both ridden that streetcar about a million times, eh, Shannon? I forgot how at home I feel right there.

It's being so great to be immersed in loving business learning! And of course, I think Mark is awesome, so it's being a very great weekend!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh it looks cold there too though! I love that approach to business and believe in it too. That must have been amazing Jamie! It's so great when people really inspire us.

Those are pretzels too but they're being held together with the candy melts. It's a product from Wilton's, I think it's sort of chocolate but with more sugar in it so they are more easily meltable (?) than regular chocolate.