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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

(Photo from left to right: Jamie, Jenn, Chris, Danette, Kim, Amy)

This weekend my dear friends Kim and Amy, the Red Tent Sisters, celebrated the shifting of their business from a retail store to a new adventure. Our entire art picnic crew was there to raise a glass. Jenn and Danette pulled together a big treat for all of us: a t-shirt in honour of our art picnic Tuesdays! What a treat :)


Did some art supply shopping on the weekend and I'm loving my new pencil sharpener which kind of looks like and alien but I keep thinking it's a frog.  Works pretty well.  Nothing like feeding it through the EYES!



Halloween chaos is here! I finally had some time on the weekend to make some treats but realized all my props were in the furnace room. Had to dig them all out and bring them upstairs. I am not good with mess but we need this stuff in a week anyway!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love that you have Halloween props, Suzie! I wish I could come trick-or-treating at your house!

LOL, now that's a sense of horror and Halloween and art - feeding your green frog alien through the eyes!! Enjoy your art :)

Shannon said...

What a joyous pic of the art picnic ladies!! What a treat to have t-shirts too - I feel like you are all about to break out into dance :)

Projects take up space and certainly can create mess, but I'm so sure it will be worth it (and mess can always be cleaned up :)

Suzie Ridler said...

What a cool event Jamie and an awesome was to be supportive! Love the t-shirt. :) Yes, can-can!

Shannon, that is the coolest pencil sharpener in the world!

The props are mostly for food but will definitely be also for the house. I have to take a photo of our new toad!

Shannon said...

I vote YES to a picture of the new toad, Suzie!