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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rewind: September 30


I've been thinking about home a lot lately. This is our last home in a state of chaos as we packed everything to get ready to move here. It's amazing the stories our things tell about us - even those things we've left behind. We no longer have that cactus, because I discovered I don't like to live with the defensiveness of a prickly plant, or those chairs, which were Shannon's, though looking at them now I can literally feel what it was like to sit on them. The teak piece is in our living room and I'm so proud we figured out how to make some changes to it and have it become our entertainment unit. Our stuff really does, in so many ways, hold pieces of who we are, who we have been and who we are becoming.

Bluenose Being Rebuilt


I know it wasn't that long ago Jamie that we went and saw the Bluenose together (although if feels like a long time) in Lunenburg but yesterday was her big re-launch! Can you believe it? From this to a finished ship in a year and a half! It makes me think about how we can re-invent the past, make it better and move on.


Shannon said...

Wow, it's so wild to see the rewind and the times that have passed. I can feel those chairs too Jamie! I almost forgot about them, wow. And that's so cool that the Bluenose is now relaunched! That's amazinging.

Suzie Ridler said...

Pictures like this are so important Jamie! I love documenting big changes like this and it is a good way to see where you were and where you are and how your stuff is now being used differently. I love that the piece from the house is now your entertainment unit, that was totally genius.

Too bad they had such crummy weather for the launch but it's Nova Scotia, didn't stop a ton of people from going out to watch. I personally spent the day shopping, LOL.

Shannon said...

I love seeing which stuff is different, as well as the same! Like the Liquid box with up arrow - I always have that one (in fact, it usually even has Jamie's handwriting) and the purple basket, I have one of those too! It's wild to see the changes and the sameness.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I heard on the news about the relaunch and smiled immediately, remembering how fortuitous it was for us to be there and see the beginnings. It almost reminds me of when we saw the giraffe at the zoo! remember that?

I love that we can all remember moments in each others pictures and stuff too!