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Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 8, 2012


So.... I bought Justin Guild Wars 2 for his birthday. And he says, "Why don't you try making a character?" And I say, "Sure" because making characters is fun. And I play for a few and it's okay but no big deal. And then I make a new character, a human elementalist, a girl that plays with fire and lightning and water and earth. And now.... I'm hooked.


Earlier this week I watched Anonymous. It's funny that almost a year ago it was one of my considerations if I would pick it as a TIFF pick, but I decided to wait to see it in the theatre. Turns out I didn't get to it and therefore ended up watching it on TMN. And after all that, I didn't end up liking it that much - I felt like there wasn't enough information on the characters to tell them apart, which feels ironic as it's a mystery/revisioning on who Shakespeare was/could have been. Maybe those better versed 'got it' more than I, but I could barely maintain attention to watching it. Too bad, because there were so many fabulous actors in it.


Went to the dentist's office to get my new-new night guard and stopped by the thrift store. I was compelled to by this linen skirt and green shirt! Totally not the kind of clothes I have been trying to find but I was drawn to them. The outfit was only $6 and I think the skirt might be perfect for learning how to embroider on. 

I guess I have been in a really rebellious mood to buy clothes that are not "my colours" BUT they do fit! And the green is very shinny. We'll see if I end up wearing them.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's too bad you didn't like Anonymous, Shannon. I remember liking it but, to be honest, I don't remember it very much at all!

Suzie, what beautiful colours in that shirt! Sometimes that's our artistic selves being drawn to something delish! Maybe you'll wear it. Maybe it will turn into a crafty something! And the linen skirt seems perfect for embroidering. What a great idea.

Shannon said...

omg, your character looks awesome Jamie! And woohoo to having some elementally :)

Suzie, that's awesome that you picked up some new clothes and I think it's totally cool that they are different colours! Finding new stuff and be stretching, but it also can be a good thing!

Wow, now I feel like I didn't give Anonymous enough of a chance. But what I would have given for some Coles-Notes-like-Title-Cards for characters, hehe.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, your character is amazing! That would totally hook me too! And I can totally see you in her Jamie.

Shannon, sorry you didn't enjoy Anonymous as much as you were hoping. That's one I wanted to see too.

Stretchy, LOL. Good word Shannon! Yes, we'll see what happens Jamie. I think I'm also kind of missing the literary me and long skirts always taps into that for me for some reason.

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

I agree with your critique of Anonymous. I really could not wait to see this film because of the fabulous cast and I love The Bard but it was quite dark and boring. Too bad with the concept it could have been a very interesting movie.