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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012


All I can say is this man is a genius. Genius! Last night, Justin and I stood right in front of the stage for the amazing electronic musical talents of Amon Tobin, performed in an astonishing art installation. We could literally feel the music in our bodies. The bass lifted my hair with every thrum. The projections on this box-built set were spectacular. Close up they were immersive. You can get a sense of this extraordinary experience in this video. I will never forget it.


Shannon said...

Wow, what a night and experience to remember! It sounds totally cool and very awesome that you went to see it! Talk about intense and emmersive :)

Suzie Ridler said...

That looks unbelievable Jamie!!! I love it! Sounds absolutely fascinating, so glad you went.

Sorry I am MIA. Life continues to be challenging but I have tomorrow off from appointments, woot!