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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012


I'm still wading though my Supernatural Summer Re-Watch (although I feel like I should call it something else now that it's September). I made it through S3 earlier this week and hope to get though S4 this week. There isn't that much new TV yet so it hopefully won't be too much of a challenge!


We had a really rough weekend so to get our minds and spirits away from tough stuff, we geeked out. Reg and I went to a BBQ at a comic book store and wow, did we ever make in-roads on his costume. I wanted to share photos of it but it is still 100% top secret so I am sharing this cook image of a female sorceress instead.


Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, I think you're doing amazing with the Supernatural re-watch! I am starting tonight and think Reg might join me. At least see if it's anything he would be interested in.

BTW, I rewatched Misfits with him too! And I wasn't bored. Now that's a milestone for me!

Shannon said...

That's awesome you had some geek-out time and assuming in-roads is a good thing, progress on Reg's costume! I love the pic you did decide to share, looks like an awesome sorceress!

I'm really enjoying the Supernatural rewatch, S3 is one I don't know that well, actually probably the least of the series. I hope you enjoy the run of the show in syndication starting tonight! If I had known, I might have waited to rewatch until then. I'm going to dive into the Star Trek: The Next Generation from the beginning (which also starts today) myself.

Awesome news that you enjoyed rewatching Misfits, that really is a first! I wonder if the challenging accents lends it to rewatchability. In addition to it being amazing, of course.

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Shannon! I knew I had to take a pic of that amazing image, so glad you liked it.

Reg is upstairs working on the second sleeve, very exciting. So cool he is using the sewing machine!

That's awesome you're in Season 3 and it feels almost new, LOL. Oh don't worry, we probably will be watching the show sporadically, we're not as organized. That's so good you're doing the same this with Next Gen. Impressive!

We did get a kick out of all the accents. I am convinced Nathan is part Irish, his accent gets stronger through season 1. Reg thinks it's Welch. I'm too nervous about looking it up because I don't want to see spoilers.

Now that I know Kelly is Tom's sister, I can totally see it for sure! I mean they look SO much alike it's crazy!!!