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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 6, 2012

Under Our Willow Tree


We had a bit of a weird weekend. Our first day, we went out to get some supplies for Reg's Hal-Con costume and everywhere was deserted. Then on Sunday we took Lorraine to Prospect which, well, was challenging. Yesterday I felt much better helping Reg figure stuff out for his costume. The weirder the stuff we do, the better I feel I think. I was totally unplugged for the weekend because of all the stuff we did so sorry I wasn't online here much!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Me either, Suzie! It was a long weekend here and we actually decided to treat it like a holiday, which was awesome but got me all off-kilter with online stuff, including here!

I love that the weird is what brings you nourishment! Do you know a while back I went to a conference where someone shared that the word 'wyrd' means destiny! It's our own natural bent... our way. Interesting, eh?

And btw, I LOVE this wig!

Shannon said...

Wowza, that's an awesome picture! Sounds like it was an untraditional weekend for sure! And Prospect looks absolutely gorgeous. So mysterious and amazing.

Suzie Ridler said...

So nice to really take a holiday, isn't it Jamie?

Yes, weird makes me feel at home. Makes me laugh and smile too.

Oh I love that interpretation of wyrd! That's awesome.

Reg was happy to hear you liked the wig Jamie. It took him months to find the right one and we got it from China!

I agree Shannon, Prospect is amazing. Did we take you there? It would have been on the way back from Peggy's and had the yellow Victorian house on the shore. Mysterious is a good word! I wonder if they ever filmed there for Haven?

Shannon said...

Don't think we went to prospect but I saw the pics on your site and totally loved them :)