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Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012

Though the Full Sturgeon Moon is officially today, she was sure shining bright yesterday! I think she must have also been beaming down some inspiration because I think she and I (hehe) have finally decided on a format for my Year of Dreams course. Last year I hosted it live but next year I hope to be offering it in a brand new e-way, complete with gorgeous meditations and reminders to make your dreamboard.


There are so many amazing Olympic moments each day it's hard to pick on to share. Moments of glory, insights and even some crazy challenges (like the freaking pommel horse) or scandals (a badminton scandal... seriously!). The one that that I was most looking forward to was the Men's All Around Gymnastics and it had me glued to the screen with amazing performance for hours, butit was this particular moment in Men's Weightlifting that took me by storm: a 204kg clean & jerk by LU Xiaojun of China. Unbelievable. That's 449.743 lbs. Above the head. Amazing what people can do.


Despite having another terrible headache, I was determined to get out my camcorder and figure out how to upload a video to my computer. I just did a short test video of my altar and still, could not figure out how to upload it. Turns out Canon does not make software that is compatible with Mac (argh!) so I have to plug my camera with the adaptor, turn it on, go to a particular screen on the camera for it to download. How did I find that out? I called tech support. I will eventually learn how to do this wireless but for now, this is good enough.

I tend to avoid my new toys after I buy them. I get intimidated or something and this is totally new tech to me. So I was avoiding it even more. Now that I know I can do a basic shoot and upload, I'm good. I have no qualms about being on video but apparently taking video and dealing with tech freaks me out. Glad I took this first step.


Shannon said...

Way to go for seeing through and solving the tech Suzie - and what a direct approach: call them! One of my co-workers used to say that any new tech you should give yourself at least 3 hours to with it on the first time, just to learn the basics. My first reaction to that was to get all huffy and annoyed, and then I realized - it's just true! We have lots of plug & play these days, but to really get the most out of something or get it to work how you want it to, can take time.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Suzie, yay you for getting over that hurdle (see the Olympic tie-in there? hehe). I know exactly what you mean about getting through that intimidating learning curve. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Justin bought me some great video editing software for Christmas 2 years ago and I still haven't really tried it!!

Good for you for sticking with it and for getting support!

Shannon, I just love getting the highlights from you. Wow, that is quite the weight that Olympian lifted. Amazing!! And wow that pommel horse has truly been an arch-nemesis this year!

I've been particularly fascinated by listening to the athletes and the former athletes announcing talk about attitude, visualization, believing, self-talk, all this stuff that in the self-help realm can be considered a bit woo-woo but here they are, world-class athletes, using the same techniques to go for the gold. I love that!

Shannon said...

What an amazing shot of the moon Jamie! And how exciting that Year of Dreams will be taking on a new form - I'm excited to hear more!

Shannon said...

And so true Jamie that how the self-help and athletic techniques have a lot of cross over, and it's interesting to see the sport-centric psych-ups, like a lot of swimmer have headphones on when they walk in. Very interesting!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I am really trying to learn from that, Shannon. Oh, and that's interesting about the headphones... thinking...

Suzie Ridler said...

That moon is crazy bright! Ours was hazy last night, the humidity has been ridiculous. Oh I like the sound of "new e-way" Jamie. I'm glad the moon brought you inspiration and I kind of freaked out when I heard the term dreamboard on Big Brother the other day!

I only heard about the badminton scandal Shannon but it sounded crazy. I hope they got disqualified for their behaviour. I heard all the booing on CBC radio. I agree Shannon, amazing what people can do, what a photo of the guy lifting all that weight!

Yes, I couldn't take it anymore and was mad that it was clean the software wasn't compatible with Mac, first time that has ever come up with Canon so I went to the source. Three hours? Yes, that sounds about right. Ugh! Oh Jamie, I totally understand the software issue, took me four to just open iMovie.