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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012

Photo: Stand-off

I decided to walk home from Art Picnic yesterday and stumbled across this stand-off. At first I just noticed the cat, and though he's looking rather calmly at me, a moment before he'd been staring rather intently up.... at the squirrel. Neither of them looked like they were moving any time soon!

Under Our Willow Tree


I had an awesome long talk with Shannon yesterday! But before that happened Reg finally destroyed Bender. Well, most of him. Now his head is keeping us company in the rec room so we can watch TV together. Reg did a fantastic job clearing out the furnace room which was a total disaster with pieces of Reg's former Hal-Con costume everywhere. I'm so proud of him for letting Bender's remnants and so much "stuff" hidden in that room go.


Shannon said...

OMG, Tree stand-off! The cat looks so calm, who would even know that it's carefully ready for pounce (sometimes I forget such things as mu cat isn't super cat-like :)

That's awesome that Reg let go of the Bender Costume & so much stuff Suzie, and I think it's cool you kept the head though - it's so iconically Bender and even *I* easily recognize him!!

Suzie Ridler said...

That's funny and awesome photos Jamie! Our crows are going crazy today until a red squirrel told them to shut up. Oh nature... Love the collages, how do you do those? They look amazing!

Thanks Shannon! Oh yes, we couldn't let go of Bender's head. Reg worked so hard on it and I think it made it easier for Reg to let the rest go. He is an easily identifiable character, isn't he?

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, that is hilarious you guys are watching TV with Bender's head. Just the kind of surreal crazy I expect at your guys' house!

And wasn't that tree standoff crazy? I bet it went on for ages. Suzie, I'm using an app called InstaCollage. It's totally awesome!