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Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017


After finding myself going through decision fatigue one...more...time... on a movie to watch, I decided that I'm most likely about to make my decision based on how long something is, so I spent time noting all the films in my Netflix queue by time... and now I'm going to make them into little slips of paper so I can randomly pick out a film to watch. I hope I end up loving the surprize factor of these, and end up watching stuff... in stead of spending so much time trying to decide what to watch!


I am so close to using up the last of the free milk that showed up at my place! Have one day to go so I made a batch of French toast with turkey bacon. Some comfort food on a day with so much snow that I just refused to look out the windows.


Suzie Ridler said...

So interesting that time is such a big factor for you and how you choose what you want to watch. I know doing this for your "MyList" for Netflix must have been quite the challenge Shannon! :)

Shannon said...

What a gorgeous plate of yum Suzie! French toast is a great way to use up extra milk! I never have syrup, so I never make it! Sounds like comfort food on a snowy day was a great choice.

I finished up making my list by film length. After all this though, I realize it would be really smart for Netflix to offer it as a filter!