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Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 11, 2017


I decided to participate in a readathon next week, one... because coming up with what I wanted to read was so much fun... and two, because I realized I never had before. I do lots of listing, and working though lists, and projects, etc, but I haven't actually participated in a readathon before! I was a bit worried about overcommitting, but I realized it's just a week and if I don't last the whole time that's totally fun. Fingers crossed it's a good experience!


I was in a bit of a rush today. I got my Campbell's Soup post done and posted, got out to the library, stopped by VV for a peak (no purchases), got food at Chong Lee and then picked up meds at London Drugs. I also worked on a brioche dough and did some painting for my book. Productive day and so glad I got some rays, we're in for rain for the next week. Thought about going to the studio but I heard there was no clay so I thought I would get more done at home and I did!


Shannon said...

That is a beautiful cookie jar Suzie! I can't believe the price though. Sheesh. wow, that is a really super productive day! I am so impressed. And rays before rain. Way to go!

Suzie Ridler said...

I think you're attitude towards to readathon is a great one Shannon and with it being once a week, you can pick and choose which books and weeks you want to participate in which is awesome.

Oh I know, the prices at my VV are insane. I gotta get to the SPCA thrift store soon. Yes, it has been non-stop rain since this post and will be until Sunday. As long as it isn't snow, I'm good, but you can see why when the sun does come out Vancouverites drop what they're doing and head outside.