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Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 16, 2017


Yes... there are MORE BOOKS! I'm continuing The Chrysalids, which is pretty cool but dang the font is so small I am not confident I will finish it during the readathon even though it's only 200 pages. I also picked up one from my favourite romance authors, to lighten things up and have something a little more fun. That was the thought, but turns out it's a we-have-to-save-someone-from-the-evil-king kinda of deal. I hope it doesn't get too dark! We shall see.


Quite the whirlwind day because I didn't sleep thanks to McDonald's maple caramel latte the day before (the things I do for product testing) and Michelle gave me a lesson in Lightroom (brain is exploding with intel) and I had a Mystery Bag delivered to me with goodies from President's Choice so I did a quick video. Man, I am exhausted! Better sleep tonight after all that craziness.


Suzie Ridler said...

I love seeing what tea you're drinking while you read Shannon! I read The Chrysalis so long ago, I can barely remember it. I remember that it wasn't a super-easy read but I think it was OK. Love seeing your romances too, awesome.

Shannon said...

Wow Suzie, that is a super full and exciting day! I am sorry to hear that you didn't sleep, that's never good! Happy to hear about the mystery box, that sounds like a lot of fun and is always good for unboxing! Can't wait to watch it :)

Oh, you have read The Chrysalids, eh? It's pretty interesting so far, a little heavier than I expected and feels a bit social commentary-like to me, although I never know that for sure until I've finished reading! It's a slow read through, and the book is small but the font is TINY!